zivik – civilian conflict resolution

Supporters of moderate Islamist party Ennahda celebrate the partial election results in front of the party's headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia, 25 October 2011; photo: Epa / Zacarias Garcia / picture aliance/ dpa

Elections in Tunis, October 2011; photo: Epa / Zacarias Garcia / picture aliance/ dpa

About the programme

The zivik Funding programme advises non-governmental organisations and the German Federal Foreign Office on civilian conflict resolution. The zivik team promotes, documents and evaluates projects implemented in crisis regions throughout the world. The programme is financed through funding provided by the German Federal Foreign Office

Deadlines for submitting funding applications:

  • For projects intended to start in January or February: 15 October (of the previous year)
  • For projects intended to start between March and December: not later than two months before the intended project start

What is zivik offering?

Areas of support:


  • Consultative assistance with regard to the conceptual design, the application, the implementation and the financial administration of projects
  • Application review and funding decision
  • Processing of funding disbursement requests and monitoring of project finances
  • Support services throughout the implementation of the project
  • Inspection of the final report on expenditure of funds and formal closure of the project
  • Consultative support during evaluations and impact analyses

Who may apply?

Only registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs) may apply for funding.

Guiding principles for project funding (selection):

Conditions for applying:

  • Funding is offered only for projects, which start and end within the same calendar year (January-December)
  • Having received funding for a project once, not more than two successive applications can be submitted for the same project
  • Funding is not granted for projects that have already been started or completed
  • Project funding can be provided up to the individual maximum amount specified in the Federal Foreign Office’s Funding concept
  • In addition to the information given in the Federal Foreign Office’s Funding concepts, first time applicants are welcome to hand in proposals not exceeding an amount of 70,000 Euro

How do I apply for funds?

For the preparation of a funding application, please make yourself familiar with the following basic information:

  • German Federal Foreign Office’s Funding concepts (see above): identify the funding focus to which your project idea is referring to (each Funding concept is describing a different focus). Does the idea fit to the funding criteria specified in the respective Funding concept?
  • Manual Monitoring of effects (movie) on Effects-oriented Planning and Implementation of Peace Promotion Projects: Planning the project activities: how do you consider the desired effects and their achievement? During the project implementation, how do you regularly monitor that the desired effects get achieved? At the end of the project, how do you examine the accomplishment?
  • German Federal Budget Code: which expenditures are applicable for funding, which conditions have to be observed?

Before preparing and submitting a funding application, please consult early with the zivik team at zivik(at)ifa.de. At this stage, a concept note of maximum three pages with the following information is required:

  • Concrete link to one of the Federal Foreign Office’s Funding concepts
  • Project time, -place, partner(s)
  • Key actors and concrete effects (changes), which shall be achieved by the project, as well as brief outline on the activities planned (see movie manual above)
  • Rough calculation of expenditures and information on own or third party resources

Only if you have been invited by the zivik team at the end of the consultation process to submit a full application, please send your application by email to zivik(at)ifa.de. For the three application documents (Application form, Project planning, Financial plan), download the obligatory templates below.

At a later stage and only upon request, please send the application with signature, stamp and together with all required documents by mail to: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, zivik Funding Programme, Linienstr. 139/140, D-10115 Berlin.

By signing the application document, you agree that ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen may save the data and may forward information to the responsible audit bodies


ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)
zivik Funding Programme
Linienstr. 139/140
D-10115 Berlin
Tel. +49.30.284491.60
Fax +49.30.284491.70


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