Foundation 'Euro-Mediterranean Knowledge Space' (WEM)

The Foundation 'Euro-Mediterranean Knowledge Space' (WEM) is a network for cooperation in the field of cultural cooperation and exchange in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It supports the exchange of knowledge between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean countries, particularly the Maghreb and some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The objective is to build a Euro-Mediterranean knowledge space with joint stocks of knowledge, knowledge structures and concepts for political and cultural thought and action. Its partners are universities, cultural organisations, schools and journalists in the field of politics and culture.

WEM was established in Rabat in 2010. ifa, its first cooperation partner, has been a cooperation partner since WEM was founded.


Prof Dr Ludolf Pelizaeus

Université de Picardie
Département d’Allemand

Pôle Citadelle bureau H 317
Rue des Français libres
F-80000 Amiens Cedex