From contemporary art to digital diplomacy

Every year, ifa brings out numerous publications. It publishes studies on the results of research programmes, the cultural report on cultural practice in Europe, exhibition catalogues, the magazine KULTURAUSTAUSCH and the online magazines Contemporary And (C &) and Contemporary And América Latina.

Contemporary And

Contemporary And (C&) is a dynamic place where topics and information about contemporary art practice are reflected on and linked from African perspectives.

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Contemporary And América Latina is a dynamic, critical art magazine that explores the link between Afro-Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

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ifa Edition 'Culture and Foreign Policy'

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In ifa's Research Programme 'Culture and Foreign Policy', experts research on current issues of foreign cultural and educational policy. The Research Programme sets topics and develops recommendations for the strengthening and further development of international cultural relations. The research results are reflected in expert discussions, at international conferences and in public discussions and published in the series ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy as well as the impulse papers ifa-Inputs

The series 'Culture and Foreign Policy' can be downloaded via Social Science Open Access Repository (SOAR)


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KULTURAUSTAUSCH—Magazine for International Perspectives is published quarterly with the aim of presenting current topics in international cultural relations from unfamiliar perspectives. Authors from all over the world exchange ideas about interactions between politics, culture and society. The magazine reaches readers in 146 countries. One focus topic in each issue spotlights the growing importance of cultural processes in the globalized world.

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Simulation game 'Giving Europe a Home'

The simulation game on European cultural policy offers insights into European law making processes. In the roles of President of the European Commission, of EU commissioners, foreign ministers, members of the European Council or media representatives participants negotiate the creation of a joint 'House of European Cultures'. They can experience and reflect how cultural policy becomes concrete and what potential lies in the cultural diversity of the Union.

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CULTURE REPORT Progress Europe

Cover Culture Report 2020 'Reset Europe'
Cover Culture Report 2020 'Reset Europe'

What is the state of cultural relations within Europe? How can European cultural policies contribute to the forming of a European identity?
Since 2007 the publication series 'Culture Report Progress Europe' discusses questions concerning cultural practice in Europe and aims to contribute to a European public space.

In the current issue 'Reset Europe' Francis Fukuyama, Margaret Atwood, Federica Mogherini and many others seek answers to questions about a new start for Europe, the crisis of democracy, climate and structural change and social hatred. Furthermore, they discuss the role of culture for trust, a European public sphere, for unification and the defence of Europe's existential values.