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Research Programme: Call for Proposals

ifa’s Research Programme "Culture and Foreign Policy"  invites proposals for the research project "Foreign cultural and educational policy in regions of crisis: Case studies of Lebanon and Iraq".

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Contemporary And América Latina

The dynamic critical art magazine focuses on the connection between Afro-Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. It is published online in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Bamboo Sports Hall at Panyaden School in Namprae, Thailand
16. October2020-10. January2021


Exhibitionifa Gallery StuttgartStuttgart

The Challenges of Safe Return

For participants in temporary international relocation programs, safe return is a key challenge. This study of ifa's MRI Research Programme identifies challenges and best practices for planning safe return, and gives recommendations of how to support civil society actors.

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Video projection by Sebastian Stumpf
26. September2020-06. December2020

with/against the flow

Exhibition worldwideG Museum of ArtNanjing
Portrait of the writer Ilija Trojanow

In Defence of the Do-gooders

It’s easy to go through life as a cynic. It’s convenient and comfortable to accept ...

ifa Library

"As far as we know, there is no other library that deals so intensively with topics of international cultural exchange worldwide." Gudrun Czekalla, Head of the ifa Library

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Installation view Mapping the Collection in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne 2020

A Permeable Place for Meeting and ...

For Yilmaz Dziewior, Director of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, museums are both socially ...

Artwork of Heide Hinrichs
11. September2019-07. December2019

The Event of a Thread

Exhibition worldwideNegev Museum of ArtBeer Sheva

New Study on Temporary Protection Programmes

Nathalie van Schagen explores conditions and next steps for structural cooperation and synergy building between initiatives to guarantee that persecuted civil society actors will be provided with protective relocation in the safest and most effective way.

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Installation view of Osías Yanov exp. Virginia de Medeiros, Feminist Health Research Group
05. September2020-01. November2020

'The Crack Begins Within'


About ifa

ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) is Germany’s oldest intermediary organisation for international cultural relations. It promotes a peaceful and enriching coexistence between people and cultures worldwide. ifa supports artistic and cultural exchange in exhibition, dialogue and conference programmes, and it acts as a centre of excellence for international cultural relations. It is part of a global network and relies on sustainable, long-term partnerships.

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