Job Shadowing Programme

Setting New Impulses

The Job Shadowing Programme enables the employees from organisations of German minorities to spend up to three weeks at a host institution. In doing so, they receive new impulses and insights for their work and gain further professional training. The participants are inspired by the work of their shadowed institution and learn topic-specific best-practice models and working methods.

In addition, this funding programme gives associations, organisations and editorial offices of German minorities the opportunity to network with each other across borders.

Who can apply?

Employees as well as volunteers of an association, organisation or editorial office of German minorities based in the following countries can apply: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

What does the funding include?

Funding recipients intern at a host institution in another country for up to three weeks. They receive a one-time allowance for the cost of travel and accommodation. Depending on the applicant's country of origin, the allowance for a three-week internship is up to 600 euros. In case of a shorter duration, the allowance is reduced accordingly.

Preceding the internship, ifa assists in the selection of a suitable host institution. ifa also oversees the organisational and conceptual support during the participant's internship.

In addition, the Job Shadowing Programme includes a training seminar for all funding recipients as well as a final meeting. Together, experiences are evaluated and reflected upon as to whether or not the goals of the internship were achieved.

What are the requirements?

  • The applicant requires specific training for the implementation of a project and/or requires professionalisation and further organisational development.
  • A recommendation from the applicant's own institution.
  • The applicant speaks German fluently.
  • The internship takes place between May and December.
  • Proof of practical experience in the planning and implementation of youth, cultural or media projects.

German Minorities

Minorities can mediate between cultures and provide impulses for the coexistence of different population groups – provided that the minorities are socially recognised, have a secure space to assert themselves and have access to appealing programmes. For this reason, they must be well positioned both institutionally and personally. The programmes for German Minorities support German minorities in Eastern Europe and in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in their role as civil society actors and bridge-builders. They thus promote a multifaceted, current and realistic image of Germany, contributing to the process of European integration and cultural relations within Europe and beyond.


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