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Contemporary Art from Africa and the Global Diaspora

Contemporary And (C&) is a dynamic platform for reflecting on and connecting ideas and discourses on contemporary visual arts. With their ever-growing network of authors, C& magazine and C& América Latina magazine feature important, multilayered work by cultural practitioners, with a focus on the links between them. This work is looked at from a variety of perspectives and in diverse contexts without one specific  narrative or a single emphasis.

C& has offices in Berlin and Nairobi and is accessed by people in some 120 different countries. It successfully packages complex issues in an approachable format and has established itself as an important platform for dialogue on the subject of contemporary art from Africa and the Global Diaspora. C& magazine and C& América Latina magazine are co-published by ifa.

2023 marks a special year for Contemporary And (C&) since the platform will be turning ten. That is one decade of building educational formats, working with international critics, artists and curators around the discourses of contemporary Art from Africa and the global Diaspora. That is one decade of constantly growing the C& network thinking canons beyond a canon, writing art histories, creating new presents, producing futures in the now.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Contemporary And (C&), the platform will present a very special edition of its offline project, the C& Center of Unfinished Business, at ifa Galerie Berlin throughout its jubilee year 2023 until January 2024, with audiences invited to participate in various activations of the space. The first activation takes place on 18 March 2023. 

To explore contemporary art and cultural events related to the C& network, please visit the following pages:

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Print editions are distributed via the global networks, providing additional access to the critical, in-depth content produced by the C& nexus. They appear in conjunction with important art events—such as the international biennales in Kampala, Dakar, and Berlin – or are geared to current discourses and developments on questions of digitality and migration, as well as the complex, frequently neglected narratives relating to German reunification.

The print editions of C& magazine can be accessed online here, and of C& América Latina here.


C& Printausgaben © Florian Bong-Kil Grosse

C& Education and C& Projects

Since its inception, C& has also undertaken a variety of digital and analog projects with other partners. On the basis of this, lasting relationships have been built and maintained through C& Education. The C& Critical Workshops and the C& Mentoring Program support the practice of critical writing and create a safe space for the free expression of opinions. One initiative coming out of C& Projects is the C& Center of Unfinished Business, a touring reading room that complements and disrupts international art spaces. C& Commissions makes it possible for artists to create digital works and exhibitions that can be experienced for the first time on C&, while C& Artists’ Editions enables artists from the C& network to produce commissioned works for sale.

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