Mind_Netz: Network for German Minorities

Discover the World of German Minorities ­in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The Mind_Netz project provides German minorities with a platform on social media. Since 2016, members of German minorities and interested parties have been able to stay informed, make contact and network through various social media channels about German minorities and current events in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the project provides insight into the day-to-day life of German minorities. To do so, the Mind_Netz editorial team collects daily news from German minority online media, newspapers, magazines, radio and television from ten countries. The range of information is complemented by editorial contributions and is primarily aimed at a young audience.

In order to gain personal insight into the culture of German minorities, the editorial team exchanges ideas with German minority organisations and media and scouts for bloggers and young media professionals. In so doing, the project annually awards several social media grants, which are implemented in cooperation with ifa's Job Shadowing Programme. Funding recipients travel through Eastern Europe or Central Asia countries for several weeks, visit German minority organisations and events, and report on their experiences on the Mind_Netz social media channels.

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