Ukraine: Information, Initiatives and Projects

Focus Ukraine

Since the 1990s, ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen has actively engaged in projects with Ukraine. ifa supports and connects people from civil society advocating democracy, freedom of the media and press as well as human rights. Through scholarships, conferences, ifa-funding, research activities and academic networking through the international network International Cultural Relations Reserach Alliance (ICRRA) or touring exhibitions, ifa closely collaborates with artists from Ukraine.

The war in Europe is not only causing unspeakable pain and destruction, it is also tearing apart cultural networks that have been forged with great effort. This is why ifa is committed to continue the dialogue between German and Eastern European arists and to support Ukrainain artists that have fled their own country.

I really consider ifa a full-fledged partner of our project in Germany, because, without that communication and organizational support, the 'Between' performance in Ravensburg would simply not have happened.
Ihor Chayka, director and writer

Assistance on the ground and scientific analysis

The war in Europe is not only causing unimaginable human suffering and destruction, it is also tearing apart carefully cultivated networks. This is why ifa is committed to continuing the dialogue between German and Eastern European artists in the current situation and organised two major support programmes last year: Cultural Aid Ukraine linked refugee artists and cultural workers from Ukraine with cultural institutions from Baden-Württemberg, and the mentoring programme "Mind the Gap" helped refugee women from Ukraine to gain a foothold and make connections in their countries of refuge together with mentors from the German minorities.

At the same time, ifa's academic ressources are also of great importance: through the analytical lens of foreign cultural policy, it is possible to better understand how this war evolves, what dramatic effects it has and what a path to peace might look like. From ifa's networks, experts and activists on the ground provide valuable insights into the situation and its effects on the people in Ukraine.

Call for Donations

To give artists and cultural practitioners from Ukraine a perspective to continue their artistic work and to participate in cultural exchange projects, financial support is needed.

ifa Friends' Association is recognised as a non-profit association. Donations are therefore tax deductible. Donations of up to 200 euros can be claimed by presenting a deposit slip or bank statement. For donations of 200.01 euros or above, it is necessary to present an official donation receipt which can be requested from the ifa Friends' Association. The Friends' Association is also happy to accept donations from non-members:

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How has the situation in Ukraine evolved?

ifa's podcast 'Die Kulturmittler' takes a look back

A year ago, shortly after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, ifa's podcast 'Die Kulturmittler' dealt with the strong role of Ukrainian protest civil society – not just in recent years, but as a constant part of  Ukrainian history. Volodymyr Yermolenko, philosopher and journalist from Kyiv, and Susann Worschech, Ukraine expert on civil society and democratisation processes, explain how sustainable international solidarity with Ukraine is, what role Europe is playing right now and what support Ukrainian civil society needs. One year later, it is time to answer more questions: In six special episodes, which will be published from February 2023 onwards, the podcast will follow up and offer new perspectives.

ifa's Funding Programmes

Cultural Aid Ukraine

Contact Point and Network for refugee for artists and cultural practitioners

ifa's Cultural Aid Ukraine started as a contact point for refugee cultural workers and artists from Ukraine as well as cultural organisations from Baden-Württemberg, which was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg. The project was concluded in February 2023, a continuation is being considered. Countless artists and cultural workers have been able to expand their network with cultural institutions in Baden-Württemberg through ifa, artistic projects have been carried out successfully, and instead of waiting in limbo, refugees have been able to pursue their vocations again and process their impressions and experiences of war artistically.

Networking, meeting other refugees, developing perspectives

As diverse as the people are who have turned to Cultural Aid Ukraine until the end of the project in 2023, so are their artistic fields of activity: Acting, illustration, architecture, sculpture and painting are just a few of them. At several networking meetings, workshops and open studio days at Kunstverein Wagenhallen in Stuttgart, acquaintances were made, plans were developed and valuable know-how was gathered for projects in Germany. A special highlight was the event 'Die geflüchtete Seele/The Refugee Soul. Ukrainian Art and Culture in the Face of War' in cooperation with the Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll. Recordings of the event are available on video.

Mentoring Programme 'Mind the Gap'

Helping where help is needed

The mentoring programme 'Mind the Gap' supported refugee women from Ukraine in finding their way in a new country. It brought them together with representatives of the German minorities in their refuge countries as mentoring tandems. Valuable friendships developed through the project. The first group finished the programme in December 2022.

An important idea that accompanied the programme is the principle of feminist foreign policy: lasting peace can only be achieved, studies suggest, if all population groups and especially women are included in the process. Therefore, the final panel discussion dealt with the topic: "Women in times of war - between the struggle for survival and feminist foreign policy".

ifa is not only involved in the work with refugees from Ukraine through the mentoring programme 'Mind the Gap'. ifa cultural managers in Eastern Europe also got involved with their host organisations directly on the ground to welcome and care for tens of thousands of people, or as ifa alumni with their own initiatives in Germany.