Cultural Policy Forums

The Cultural Policy Forums are both a dialogue format and a knowledge lab. They provide opportunities for a global exchange of knowledge and experience between practitioners, academics and policymakers. They discuss current social questions, global challenges, and historical, political and (inter-)cultural education. In the forums, international relations work draws on research-based findings and transcultural knowledge.

Lecture Programme of the German Federal Govern­ment

Through its Lecture Programme, the German Federal Government conveys a current and multi-layered image of Germany abroad. ifa supports German diplomatic missions in selecting topics, developing concepts and organising events. The lectures are aimed at multipliers, teachers and civil society actors.

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Visitors Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany

Multipliers from around the world discuss current social policy issues with governmental and non-governmental actors in the Visitors Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany and engage in an exchange of experience. The participants generally spend a week in Germany, gaining an authentic, up-to-date and nuanced impression of Germany. They also opportunities to network with one another.

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Totally Glocally

The speakers in the event series 'Totally Glocally', address questions about the interaction between global and local structures, presenting positive examples of cooperation, own creative scope and social innovations.

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