Martin Roth Initiative

Martin Roth-Initiative

Facilitating Shelter for Artists at Risk

The Martin Roth Initiative was started as a joint project by ifa and the Goethe-Institut in reaction to the global decline in pre-political spaces. In many countries, state and non-state actors are increasingly restricting the work by and with critical artists as well as civil-society actors. Socio-political commitment in these countries results in personal danger for those involved.

The Martin Roth Initiative protects artists who are committed in their countries of origin to the freedom of art, democracy and human rights by enabling temporary residence in Germany or third countries for the purpose of protecting those who are being persecuted. The recipients of scholarships are selected by an independent Selection Committee consisting of members of the art and cultural scene in Germany as well as representatives from international civil-society institutions. During the scholarship period, special significance is placed on the cultural scenes and local civil society in the host countries which work with the scholarship holders, provide support and enable their professional development.

The Martin Roth Initiative aims to ensure that, at the end of the scholarship period, it is possible for the scholarship holder to return safely to their home country, or that the foundation for their successful integration in the society of the host country has been laid. The joint performance between the Martin Roth Initiative and its partners, both domestically and abroad, expresses the commitment of civil society to take on responsibility and nail its colours to the mast.


Martin Roth Initiative

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