Selma Selman DON’T LOOK INTO MY EYES in the Kasseler Kunstverein from 02.09. to 24.10.2021; photo: Nicolas Wefers
The Living and the Dead Ensemble: Ouvertures. Film: Fiction, 132 min, Farbe, 16:9, 2019 (F / UK /HT). Film Still.

Artists' Contacts

With the Artists' Contacts programme, the ifa supports the international cooperation of cultural actors. Artists and cultural practitioners from Germany and from transformation or developing countries receive valuable support for projects in contemporary visual arts, architecture, photography, media art and design. Applicants thereby receive the chance to network internationally and to advance the intercultural discourse between Germany and the global South.

The current "Corona Notes" can be found here.

Whom Is the Programme Designed for?

  • Cultural actors from developing and emerging countries who want to carry out a project in Germany
  • German people working in the cultural sector or those with at least 5 years of residency in Germany who are planning a project in a developing or emerging country.


  • Application in 4 Steps
    1. Request access to the online application via the application system.
    2. Open the link sent in the email and create an online application.
    3. Fill out the application (Interim storage possible).
    4. Submit the application online, then print out and sign the application and send it to ifa by post:

    ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)
    Artists' Contacts
    Charlottenplatz 17
    D-70173 Stuttgart


  • What Application Documents Are Required?
    • Invitation from the foreign cultural or exhibition institution.
    • Description of the cultural or exhibition institution.
    • CVs for all applicants for which funding is requested.
    • Visual material of the project to be funded and/or of previous artistic work. Sound and video work can be inserted as a link in the application system under upload area.
    • Three quotations for the cost of airfare based on current fares.


  • Application Deadlines
    • 15 August  2022 for projects in the following year.
    • 31 January 2023 for projects as of June of the same year.

    The date of postmark is applicable. Applications sent after the filing deadline will not be considered.


  • What Happens After Applying?


    All applicants will receive written confirmation or rejection within about three months of the submission of their application. Recourse to legal action is out of question. If funding is granted to the applicant, ifa will reimburse all applicable and recoverable costs upon receiving the original invoices.


Funded projects

11. Jun2022-18. Sep2022

12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

ExhibitionAkademie der Künste, Hamburger Bahnhof, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Stasi-Zentrale. Campus für DemokratieBerlin
18. Jun2022-18. Sep2022

documenta fifteen

01. Jul2022-11. Sep2022

The Living and the Dead Ensemble

ExhibitionBadischer KunstvereinKarlsruhe


  • Who is eligible for funding?
    • Artists, curators, art educators, art theorists, architects and designers (including institutions) from developing and transition countries who want to come to Germany.
    • German artists, curators, art educators, art theorists, architects and designers (including institutions) who want to go to developing and transition countries.
    • Non-German artists, curators, art educators, art theorists, architects and designers (including institutions) who have lived in Germany for at least five years and are involved in development and Transition countries want (proof of residence required.


  • What activities qualify for funding?
    • Travel and work stays from transition and developing countries to or in Germany, e.g. Exhibitions, performances, artist-in-residence programs, workshops, preparatory and research trips, international events (symposia, conferences and lectures).
    • Travel and work stays for German cultural workers or cultural workers who have lived in Germany for at least five years to or in transition and developing countries (performances, artist-in-residence programs, workshops, preparatory and research trips, international events such as symposia, conferences and lectures).
    • Cultural workers who come from a transition or developing country can also apply for grants for exhibitions in Germany.


  • What are the funding requirements?
    • High quality standard of the artistic project.
    • In the project, German art and culture workers and art and culture workers from developing and transition countries work together artistically and in terms of content.
    • Artists and cultural workers who live in Germany but do not have German citizenship must prove how long they have been living in Germany. The minimum requirement is five years.
    • Invitation from a non-commercial cultural or exhibition institution (no private gallery).
    • The project project may not be realized in a commercial context. A sale of art excludes funding.
    • Considerable financial and / or other own contributions by the issuing foreign institution.


  • Do artists for whom funding is being applied for, must have German citizenship?
    • If an artist does not have German citizenship, it has to be indicated since when the artist has been a resident of Germany. The artist must have lived in Germany for a minimum of 5 years. Appropriate evidence, e.g. registration certificate, required.


  • Are artist-in-residence stays also supported?
    • Yes. However, only flight costs can be funded.
    • If a public exhibition is the focus of artist-in-residence stays abroad, an application can be made to implement the exhibition funding programme.


  • Are projects from the areas of the performing arts (dance, theater, film etc.) supported?
    • No. Only projects in the fields of contemporary visual arts, architecture, design, photography and media art are supported.


  • Can I apply as a student?
    • No, you need to have finished your programme of study to be eligible to apply for funding.


  • Can I submit several applications at the same time?
    • Yes, if you are applying for funding for different projects.
    • No, if the applications refer to the same project being worked on in different countries. In this case, please submit one application only.


  • Does ifa offer further funding programs in the field of visual arts?
    • Yes, there is another funding opportunity. The "Exhibition Funding Abroad" program supports exhibition projects abroad under certain conditions. Applications can be made for projects by German visual artists, or by German visual artists who have lived in Germany for at least 5 years.


  • Can I submit an application to both Artists’ Contacts and Exhibition Funding at the same time?
    • Yes, you can submit an application to the relevant grant programme for different aspects of your project. However, you cannot apply for funding with respect to the same expenses.


  • Can I apply to other grant organisations at the same time?
    • Yes, the organisations to which you are also applying for funding must be listed under item 5.2.2 on your application.


  • To which project timeframes do the application deadlines apply?
    • Deadline: 31 January (date of postmark): Applies to projects scheduled to start in June that same year at the earliest. If we decide to fund your project, we only accept receipts dated after the date on which your application was approved. We will decide whether or not to approve your project for funding by 30 April at the latest.
    • Deadline: 15 August (date of postmark): Applies to projects scheduled to start during the first half of the following year at the earliest. If your project is scheduled to start in December of the current year with most activities happening during the following year, you may submit your application by 15 August. If we decide to fund your project, we only accept receipts dated after the date on which your application was approved. We will decide whether or not to approve your project for funding by 15 November at the latest.


  • My project started before the application deadline. Can I still apply for funding?
    • No, it is not possible to apply for funding for a project that has already started.

    • A project that started before the written acceptance can no longer be funded.


The Application Procedure

  • How to submit the application?
    • Please use our application form. Only signed application that are submitted by post will be considered.


  • In what language can I submit an application?
    • Applications can be submitted either in German or English.


  • What are the criteria for describing my project in the application?
    • Under point 4 in the application form (project description) please present your project in the form of a coherent text. The project idea and its implementation should be presented in such a way that the jury gets a realistic idea of your project. Avoid applications in the style of essays.
    • With the project description, we expect a short, meaningful summary of the project thematically / in terms of content (max. 2,700 characters including spaces). This should include the following points:
      • Concrete target, target group and planned effect for your project.
      • Motivation of cooperation with a planned project partner, mention of previous co-operations


  • What are the requirements for the invitation letter from the inviting institution?
    • In the signed letter, the inviting institution should confirm the project with the name of all invited artists, curators, art educators, art theorists, architects and designers, and for this scheduled period.
    • Information about the legal status of the institution (non-profit association, foundation, artist association, etc.) should already be given in the invitation letter.
    • In the case of a research trip, the invitation letter can be dispensed with.


  • What happens once the application is submitted?
    • Submitted applications will be presented to an expert jury. Funding is also decided taking into account the ifa budget available for this purpose and in relation to other applications.


  • How will I know when a decision has been made?
    • All applicants will receive a written acceptance or rejection within three months after the deadline.


  • Can I hand in documents after the deadline has passed?
    • If the application is submitted on time, documents can be submitted in exceptional cases and only after consultation with ifa in a timely manner.


The Financing Plan

The Project Funding Flow


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