Exhibition Funding

The Exhibition Funding Programme supports international exhibition projects in public museums, cultural institutions and galleries abroad. The programme is open to contemporary German artists and artists with at least five years of residency in Germany. Funding is available for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, participation in an international exhibition project or a biennial abroad.

Application Deadlines

  • 15 August  2021 for projects in the following year.
  • 31 January 2022 for projects as of June of the same year.
    The date of postmark is applicable. Applications sent after the filing deadline will not be considered.

Whom Is the Programme Designed for?

  • The program exhibition funding abroad is meant to subsidize, under given preconditions exhibition projects outside Germany. Applications can be made for projects by German artists and by artists who have been a resident in Germany for a minimum of 5 years. Appropriate evidence, e.g. registration certificate, required.
  • Funding refers to single exhibitions, group exhibitions, participations in exhibition projects with a multinational focus as well as participations in international biennials, provided that they take place in the scope of public museums, non-commercial galleries, art associations etc.
  • For applications to biennials or group exhibitions with the participation of several artists, we only accept one overall application for all German or participating artists from Germany. If this is not possible, please contact us.

The Application in 4 Steps

  1. Request access to the online application via the application system.
  2. Open the link sent in the email and create an online application.
  3. Fill out the application (Interim storage possible).
  4. Submit the application online, then print out the application and send it to ifa by post:

ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)
Exhibition Funding
Charlottenplatz 17
70173 Stuttgart

What Application Documents Are Required

  • Invitation from the foreign exhibiting institution.
  • General information about the exhibiting institution.
  • CV and list of exhibitions for all artists for which funding is requested.
  • Visual material of the project to be funded and/or of previous artistic work. Sound and video work can be inserted as a link in the application system under point 6 in the application form.
  • Three cost estimates each for travel and transport expenses and for the rental costs of technical equipment for the presentation of the exhibition, if applicable.

What Happens After Applying?

All applicants will receive written confirmation or rejection within three months of the submission of their application. Recourse to legal action is out of question.

Funded Projects

18. March2021-06. September2021

Aquaria — Or The Illusion of a Boxed Sea

ExhibitionMaat — Museum of Art, Architecture and TechnologyLisbon
09. April2021-19. September2021

Wild Frictions

Exhibition​Contemporary Arts CenterCincinnati, OH
17. April2021-26. September2021

Fragments of Repair

Exhibition​BAK, basis voor actuele kunstUtrecht
A person standing on the top of an iceberg in the middle of the sea.
02. May2021-08. August2021

Concentrations 63: Julian Charrière, Towards No Earthly Pole

ExhibitionDallas Museum of ArtDallas, Texas
21. June2021-01. August2021

Positive Vibration

ExhibitionGaleria Electro PutereCraiova, Rumania
29. July2021-17. April2022


Exhibition​Brooklyn Bridge ParkNew York
Monument in front of a blue sky
29. July2021-29. August2021

Emeka Ogboh: Song of the Union

Exhibition​Talbot Rice Gallery, The University of EdinburghEdinburgh
Three pink tables in a pink room. On it are boxes with small plant sculptures and watering cans.
10. September2021-30. January2022

Thomas Demand. Mirror Without Memory

ExhibitionGarage Museum of Contemporary ArtMoscow

Articles from the Programme

'Any Progressive Presence of Women Shakes the Power of this System'

As an artist, she translates experiences into images – for her political engagement, she was brought to trial. The Iranian contemporary artist Parastou Forouhar talks about idyllic ...

Continue reading


  • What are the funding requirements?



    • High standards of artistic quality.
    • Invitation by a non-commercial foreign exhibition institution (not a private gallery).
    • Project clearly situated in a non-commercial context.
    • Considerable achievements in its own right by the foreign institution concerned.


  • Who can apply for funding?


    The application can be made by:

    • Artists

    • Exhibition institutions

    • Curators

    • In case of applications for biennials or group exhibitions with participation of several German or German artists, an overall application for the German contribution must be submitted. If this is not possible, please contact us.


  • Can an application be made for the expenses of curators?



    • Curators are excluded from funding.


  • Are artist-in-residence stays also supported?



    • No.

    •  It is possible that an application can be made for a subsequent exhibition, provided that it is open to the public


  • Do you also support projects for dance, theatre, film or similar?



    • No, only projects in the field of fine arts are eligible for funding.


  • Can I apply as a student?



    • No, you need to have finished your programme of study to be eligible to apply for funding.


  • Can I submit several applications at the same time?



    • Yes, if you are applying for funding for different projects.
    • No, if the applications refer to the same project being worked on in different countries. In this case, please submit one application only.


  • Does ifa offer further funding programs in the field of visual arts?



    • Yes, there is another funding option: The program artists‘contacts subsidize travel and work-related stays by artists, curators, scientists, art educators, art theorists, architects and designers from developing or transition countries. Also German applicants have the opportunity to apply for funding of travel expenses and thus establish contacts and networks with developing and transition countries.
      In case an exhibition is involved in the project, the module „exhibition funding“ is mandatory for the funding procedure.


  • Can I submit an application to both Artists’ Contacts and Exhibition Funding at the same time?



    • Yes, you can submit an application to the relevant grant programme for different aspects of your project. However, you cannot apply for funding with respect to the same expenses.


  • Can I apply to other grant organisations at the same time?



    • Yes, the organisations to which you are also applying for funding must be listed under item 5.2.2 on your application.


  • To which project timeframes do the application deadlines apply?



    • Deadline: 31 January (date of postmark): Applies to projects scheduled to start in June that same year at the earliest. If we decide to fund your project, we only accept receipts dated after the date on which your application was approved. We will decide whether or not to approve your project for funding by 30 April at the latest.
    • Deadline: 15 August (date of postmark): Applies to projects scheduled to start during the first half of the following year at the earliest. If your project is scheduled to start in December of the current year with most activities happening during the following year, you may submit your application by 15 August. If we decide to fund your project, we only accept receipts dated after the date on which your application was approved. We will decide whether or not to approve your project for funding by 15 November at the latest.


  • My project started before the application deadline. Can I still apply for funding?



    • No, it is not possible to apply for funding for a project that has already started.

    • A project that started before the written acceptance can no longer be funded.


The Application Procedure

  • How is the application submitted?



    • Please use our application form. Only signed application that are submitted by post will be considered.


  • In what language can I submit an application?



    • Applications can be submitted either in German or English.


  • What are the criteria for describing my project in the application?



    • Under point 4 in the application form (project description) please present your project in the form of a coherent text. The project idea and its implementation should be presented in such a way that the jury gets a realistic idea of your project. Avoid applications in the style of essays.
    • With the project description, we expect a short, meaningful summary of the project thematically / in terms of content (max. 2,700 characters including spaces). This should include the following points:
      • Concrete target, target group and planned effect for your project.
      • Motivation of cooperation with a planned project partner, mention of previous co-operations


  • What are the requirements for the invitation letter from the inviting institution?



    • In the signed invitation letter the exhibition institution should confirm your project and name all of the artists who have been invited as well as the scheduled duration of the project. The invitation letter must include information on the legal status of the institution (non-profit organisation, foundation, artists’ association, etc.).


  • How are decisions on submitted applications made?



    • Submitted applications will be presented to an expert jury. Funding is also decided taking into account the ifa budget available for this purpose and in relation to other applications.


  • How will I know when a decision has been made?



    • All applicants will receive a written acceptance or rejection within three months after the deadline.


  • Can I hand in documents after the deadline has passed?



    • If the application is submitted on time, documents can be submitted in exceptional cases and only after consultation with ifa in a timely manner.


The Financing Plan

The Project Funding Flow

  • When can I start working on my project; what counts as start of project?



    • You can start working on the relevant part of your project as soon as you receive written confirmation of funding from ifa.
    • Flights for which you have applied for funding, for example, may only be booked after you have received written confirmation of funding.


  • How can I access money for my funded project?



    • We will reimburse you after you have sent in the original receipts.
    • You can apply for an advance payment of accommodation costs, which we will transfer to you around two weeks before you are scheduled to leave.
    • Receipts issued prior to written authorisation cannot be reimbursed.


  • How does the reimbursement process work?



    • You will receive a funding agreement from us, in which you will be informed about the funding amount and the payment arrangements. Further you will find important information on this in our instruction sheet Invoicing Modalities which you can download from our website.
    • After completing the project, we need the completed evaluation form. The form serves as a project report and is available for download from our website.


  • If there are changes in the project what are my next steps?



    • In order to be always up-to-date, it is necessary that ifa is kept regularly up to date on the project and informed of changes immediately.


  • What do I have to consider with regard to communication and public relations?



    • The ifa logo is available for download on the website. The logo is to be used on all media material (print media, internet etc.) relating to the funded project. Furthermore, the ifa logo has to be published in the exhibition rooms as close as possible to the artwork.
    • For the documentation, publication and advance notice on the ifa website as well as in social networks (e.g. Facebook) and our newsletters, the projects funded require rights-free images.


  • If my application is rejected can I reapply for funding?



    • You cannot reapply for funding for the same project.
    • You may reapply by the submission deadlines for funding for a new project.


  • Do I get a reason for my project not being funded?



    • The reasons for the decision won't e made public by the board.


Document Downloads

By applying, the applicant accepts the funding guidelines and conditions listed in the instruction sheet.

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