​Filmstill of Frem, Czech Republic, 2019, Viera Čákanyová, © Viera Čákanyová 

Field Notes of the Planetary

16 Jan 2023
15.00 – 18.00

Opening Matinée on 15.01.23, 11.00 – 13.00
29 Jan 2023
ifa Gallery Stuttgart
Charlottenplatz 17
70173 Stuttgart

The video installation 'Field Notes of the Planetary' presents works by Viera Čákanyová, Corinne & Arthur Cantrill, and Lukas Marxt and is curated by Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc and Florian Fischer. Together, the films set up a portal for the exhibition 'In the Skeleton of the Stars' which can be visited at the ifa Gallery as of February 17, 2023.

The exhibition runs from 16.01. until 29.01.2023 and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 15.00 to 18.00.



Czech Republic / Slovak Republic 2019, 73:00 Min. Director: Viera Čákanyová

Frem is a cinematographic experiment combining real recordings made in the Arctic with natural and strange sounds. With an extreme focus and maximum visibility, the film unfolds a composition of crystal-clear, digital images of a landscape that is disappearing: top shots of Antarctica's white infinity, choreographed tracking shots, flights with interferences and digital effects here and there, also accompanied by breathing, sound distortions, and white noise. Frem is both document and poetic exploration of imaging processes. The film interlaces art and research, reality, and fiction. (Berlinale Forum)

The Second Journey (to Uluru)

Australia, 1982, 75:00 Min. Director: Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill

The film explores the landscape of the Australian Uluru mountain. His name stems from the idigenous language Pitjantjatjara, also known as Ayers Rock in its English colonial term. The magic of these sacred place unfolds in flirring nuances of light. Arthur and Corinne Cantrill portray this monument of nature, which is millions of years old, in a poetic way through various times of the day and in alternating close-ups and panoramic shots. They decidedly retained the colour changes in the film material, caused by the developing process as they are metaphors for the threats to the landscape.

Imperial Irrigation

Germany, Austria, USA 2020, 20:00 Min. Director: Lukas Marxt

Using unique means – dissonances and distortions of experimental nature, gasping camera walks, a clone-like voice over – Marxt strides across the story of the Salton Sink desert. Once the largest lake in California, abused for military test purposes, it was later deprived of its water in favour of the growing population of San Diego. A dried-out desert of toxic waste of apocalyptic dimensions is all that is left, or in this case: a digitally chopped up testimonial of civilizing stupidity.

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