The photo shows the artist Nosa Moses. he is wearing black clothes. His jacket has the writing "Anonmos" on it.
Photo: Nosa Moses

Talk with Nosa Moses and Juliane Tombiri

Black History Month in the ifa-Gallery Stuttgart

22 Feb 2024
19:00 - 20:00
ifa-Gallery Stuttgart
Charlottenplatz 17
70173 Stuttgart

Black History Month (BHM) is an annual event dedicated to the celebration, appreciation and exploration of African history and culture. Originally launched in the USA, BHM has since gained worldwide recognition. BHM projects and events serve not only as a reminder of past accomplishments, but also as an invitation to actively engage with the challenges and triumphs the African-American community has faced and continues to face. The words of author and activist Noah Sow underscore the understanding of the need for BHM in Germany: "Our history is diverse and rich. Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate this diversity and draw attention to the often overlooked history of Black people in Germany." 
To mark Black History Month, ifa-Galerie Stuttgart is presenting a series of events curated by Stuttgart-based designer Juliane Tombiri: The series starts with a speaking panel with Juliane Tombiri and Nosa Moses, a multidisciplinary artist and cultural practitioner who is actively involved in cultural projects in NGOs and develops his own fashion label. Nosa Moses gives an insight into his work at the interface of art, design and social commitment. He succeeds in transforming his creativity into diverse forms of activism: Through his work on his brand Anomos, he has been designing street style fashion for eight years under the heading "Upcycling & Meaningful Fashion". "Shirt with idealism" was the headline of the Stuttgarter Zeitung in 2016. 

In addition to working on his own brand, Nosa Moses is an activist whose focus is on the topic of decolonization. To this end, he is involved in the NGOs ReCollect, ISOPTERRA and Deschoolonize e.V. to connect with other activists and give the issue visibility. He also supports collectives that support young Black people in a mentoring program.  
Through his work and commitment, Nosa Moses contributes to important social issues and bringing positive change for the Black community throughout Germany.  
Curator of the event series: Juliane Tombiri 

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