Afghanistan: Of Values, Human Rights and Freedom.

Podcast with Negina Yari

One year after the Taliban took control over Afghanistan, the life of women and society have changed fundamentally. Civil society activists have either fled the country or shifted their work to humanitarian aid.

We talked to Negina Yari, an exiled Afghan human rights defender, about the deteriorating situation in her country. She explains how human rights defenders can still support their people from exile, and to what actions other Islamic states and the international community should really commit. 

On a green, orange, black striped background a woman is illustrated inside of a white circle in black and white. The woman is wearing a headscarf. Below the woman in green letters it says Negina Yari, above her in black letters Die Kulturmittler Episode 41. This is the cover of the 41st episode of the ifa podcast on culture and foreign policy with the Afghan human rights activist Negina Yari about the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power. Illustration Lea Dohle
Illustration: Lea Dohle

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