(Dis)functional Democracy? Western Values and Global Realities.

Podcast with Bernd Reiter

About 21 countries are full democracies, about 53 flawed ones and the rest are not considered democratic, states our guest for this episode, political scientist Bernd Reiter. We talk about foreign policy and the need to pursue it in a more honest way – opposed to the self-interest with which Western nations engage in the promotion and strengthening of democratic values in places such as Afghanistan or Latin America.

Also, there is quite some discontent when it comes to democracy: Recurrently and around the world, people seem to feel like they live in a democracy and yet have no real control. 

On a green, blue and black striped background inside a white circle, a man is illustrated in black and white. He has short hair and wears glasses. Below him in green lettering, it says Bernd Reiter, above him in black lettering Die Kulturmittler Number 38. This is the cover of the 38th episode of the ifa podcast on culture and foreign policy with Professor Bernd Reiter on the topic of democracy and democratic values. Illustration Lea Dohle
Illustration: Lea Dohle

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