Andreas Exners 'Aldi-Vorhang' from the year 1999.
Andreas Exner, 'Aldi-Vorhang', stitched fabric, 500 x 500cm, 1999, © (Andreas Exner) VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, photo: Uwe Walter

The Event of a Thread

05. Mar 2022 - 05. Jun 2022
MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts
Warehouse B1-Thessaloniki Port
54110 Thessaloniki
Opening: 05.03

Global Narratives in Textiles

In textiles, tradition meets the present, arts meet crafts, local forms of knowledge meet global relationships. Personal and aesthetic stories connect with those about social and economic conditions. There is hardly a region in which the textiles have not inscribed themselves into cultural and industrial history. Thus textiles also narrate the migration and evolution of materials and techniques.

In 1965 the Bauhaus artist Anni Albers described 'the event of a thread' as something multilinear, without beginning and end. An opportunity to look again anew and re-structure relationships and contexts. This re-ordering gaze unfolds in the objects, installations and video essays shown in 'The Event of a Thread'. They broach the context of textiles, their specific quality and history, and their connection to current issues.

Textiles are at the heart of the ifa touring exhibition, which focuses on questions including: Which inherent meanings and messages can be found in fabrics? What is their cultural significance? How can textiles be 'read'? What can fabrics 'tell' us about their origins, meanings and social roles? Which traditional textile techniques have artists appropriated, abstracted, relocated and brought back to life? Textiles constitute a locus in which art encounters handicraft, traditions meet the present day, and local knowledge intersects with global relationships. The exhibition highlights the multiple complex ways in which the participating artists work with textiles. They link personal and aesthetic narratives with the social and economic configuration of a globalised world.



  • Ulla von Brandenburg
  • Noa Eshkol
  • Andreas Exner
  • Uli Fischer
  • Zille Homma Hamid
  • Heide Hinrichs
  • Olaf Holzapfel
  • Christa Jeitner
  • Elisa van Joolen & Vincent Vulsma
  • Eva Meyer & Eran Schaerf
  • Karen Michelsen Castañón
  • Judith Raum
  • Franz Erhard Walther
  • "Bauhausraum"

Local Artists


  • Nancy Atakan
  • The Callas
  • Irini Gonou
  • Fotini Gousetti
  • Kalos & Klio
  • Angelos Plessas
  • Maria Varela
  • Dardan Zhegrova
  • Domna Gounari, Kuratorin am MOMus-Experimental
  • Inka Gressel, Leiterin der ifa-Galerie Berlin
  • Thouli Misirloglou, Direktorin des MOMus-Experimental
  • Christian Oxenius, freier Kurator, Autor und Kunstwissenschaftler
  • Susanne Weiß, Leiterin der ifa-Galerie Berlin

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