Music from an Unknown Source

Inspired by Sigmar Polke's gouaches of the touring exhibition "Music from an Unknown Source", the Dutch singer and composer Blaudzun searches for a "Music from an Unknown Source" for the Cobra Museum. The exhibition presents his new compositions together with Polke's works. The two artists combine diversity and an experimental approach in their art.

From the early 1960s on, Sigmar Polke (1941–2010) treated the relationship between reality and the reality contained within a picture, art and everyday life – pointedly, with humour, and sometimes critically. The controlled and uncontrollable ‘letting happen’ of physical phenomena played an important role in Polke’s work. The 40 gouaches of the exhibition document the dripping and flowing of paint. Polke laid a strict grid over the unpredictable flow of paint. This antithesis of chance and structure is characteristic of his work. Even the often absurd-sounding titles of pictures and exhibitions, such as ‘Music from an Unknown Source’, are typical.

Blaudzun (*1974) has developed over the last ten years into an established name in the Dutch and European music world. He has a unique, confrontational voice that can sound sounds oppressive, hopeful or combative. The composer is known for his diverse and experimental musical activities and collaborations.

Blaudzun's new album will be presented at the opening of the exhibition on 13 December 2019.


Götz Adriani, curator and exhibition organiser

Eric Wie, curator of Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

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