Making unrepresented and indigenous voices heard. With Mercè Monje Cano

Podcast with Mercè Monje Cano

Unrecognised states and ethnic minorities are often overlooked, even though people in power repeatedly emphasize the importance of listening to unrepresented groups and indigenous people.  

In this episode of "Die Kulturmittler:innen," our host Amira El Ahl talks to Mercè Monje Cano, Secretary General of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). She explains how important the voices of indigenous groups are and why unrepresented groups need to be given more attention, especially in the fight against climate change. Her organisation is working on changing this injustice by educating, campaigning and representing unrecognised states such as Tibet, indigenous peoples such as the Mapuche in Chile and minorities such as the Haratin in Mauritania.  

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