CrossCulture Programme

(c) Saleh Lô

Fellow Interview

"Painting helps to restore their dignity"

CCP alumnus Saleh Lô speaks about modern forms of slavery in Mauritania.


Fellow Interview

The poverty of our minds

Pradip Acharjee, fellow 2018, speaking with Wolfgang Kuhnle & Marion Eder

Foto: S. Dzardanova

Bride abduction in Kyrgyzstan

Ala kachuu is no cool

CCP Alumna Svetlana Dzardanova in the fight against a supposed tradition of Kyrgyzstan.

Photo: ifa/Kolle

Fellow Interview

Religious Tolerance for Peace Building in Pakistan

Shahid Rehmat, CrossCulture Programme Fellow 2018, in conversation with Lucie Meissner.

Photo: ifa/Kuhnle

Fellow Portrait

The Long Road to Inclusion

Yassine Rihani supports the rights of people with disabilities

For more than ten years, ifa's CrossCulture Programme (CCP) has offered young professionals and volunteers the opportunity to gain several months of work experience in another cultural area. As a partner of the German Federal Foreign Office, ifa is committed to intercultural dialogue.

How and when can I apply?

CCP scholarships are announced at the end of each year. Participation in the programme requires a good command of the English language and intensive involvement in an organisation located in the home country. For more information please see FAQ.

Who is the target group of the programme?

The CrossCulture Programme (CCP) addresses dedicated people between the ages of 23 and 45 working in socially significant institutions and organisations. For two to three months the participants work, live and learn in a different cultural environment. Each year around 80 professionals and volunteers from more than 35 countries take part in the programme. The participants come mainly from Islamic countries, countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia. People from Germany who are interested in taking part in the programme can also apply.

Which fields of work are covered by the programme?

The CrossCulture Programme offers working assignments in the following fields:

CCP-Module "Islamic World"

  • Politics & Society
  • Human Rights & Peace Building
  • Sustainable Development
  • Media & Culture


CCP-Module "Eastern Partnership & Russia"

  • Human Rights, Migration & Refugees
  • Political Education & Youth Participation
  • Knowledge Society, Intercultural Dialogue, Mediation & Reconciliation
  • Media

Why should I apply for the CrossCulture Programme?

Participants gain international experience and intercultural skills from having the opportunity to work together in organisations or institutions. Host organisations benefit from the fellow's expertise, local knowledge and their networks. Such short-term working partnerships often lead to long-term professional relationships and friendships.

After having spent a period abroad, CCP scholarship holders engage in the exchange of experience and knowledge. The CCP network consists of more than 600 alumni and is still growing. Fellows can incorporate the experience gained abroad into the day-to-day work of their home organisation.