In 2004 ifa founded the Academic Council on Culture and Foreign Policy, which addresses theoretical and practical issues of international cultural exchange. Its aim is to scientifically support Germany’s Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy in its international relationship structure, to develop concepts and to more strongly anchor AKBP issues in research and practice.

Scholars, students or private individuals as well as institutes, research facilities, think tanks and intermediary organisations which in theory and/or in practice address issues of foreign cultural and educational policy can become members of WIKA. Membership is free. Since 2005 numerous WIKA workshops addressing AKBP issues have been organised in cooperation with universities and research facilities. These workshops are intended as a forum for dialogue between scientists from various disciplines and practitioners at the interface of cultural and foreign policy. The WIKA workshops have been held in English since 2018, the results of which are recorded in the WIKA report.

The promotion of young scientists is particularly important. In so doing, they are, for example, integrated into the interdisciplinary discourse in WIKA colloquia and networked with contacts in the field of international cultural exchange.


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