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Plants are remarkable living organisms, as the exhibition 'fibra – Contemporary Architecture with Plant Fibres', which commences on 26 October 2020, will show in the series Umwelt.Environment. Dwellings, schools, bridges, cultural centres, a builder’s yard and a wine cellar exemplify the diverse uses and ecological, building and aesthetic qualities of plant fibres in contemporary architecture.
In January 2021, the first show will be 'A Natural Order of Things' with works by Lothar Baumgarten (1944–2018) and Gabriel Rossell Santillán (b. 1977). Both artists work with indigenous communities in the Americas. Their artistic field research addresses alternative forms of recording and categorizing and making images of the “other.”
The next presentation, in May 2021, will be by Khvay Samnang, in the exhibition 'Dancing the Land', with works from the years 2010 to 2018. Samnang makes video performances that address the changes people make to natural living environments in Cambodia.



The ifa Gallery is renovating for you

The ifa Gallery Stuttgart will have a barrier-free entrance with a ramp. Current programme information, publications, and exhibition products are available at the visitor desk. The green sofa in the lounge invites visitors to browse through the catalogues. The reopening will be on 16 October 2020 with the exhibition 'Fibra'.

Rendering for the redesign of the ifa-Gallery Stuttgart
© südstudio


Bamboo Sports Hall at Panyaden School in Namprae, Thailand
16. October2020-10. January2021


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Current Projects

Workshop 'arts.and.crafts'

A textile pattern in a photograph or intertwined branches in a house made of bamboo – images, material and artistic methods from artworks that are shown in the ifa Gallery are the starting points for short videos. Step by step an instruction leads to the result and with simple materials a pearl necklace, a pair of spectacles or a cocoa tattoo are created, all inspired by an exhibition in the ifa Gallery.

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The ifa Galleries show the visual arts, architecture and design of a globalized world. They have been addressing contemporary art and current cultural and socio-political developments in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe since 1971 in Stuttgart and since 1990 in Berlin. Exhibition series afford insight into art scenes all over the world and reach across national borders. Conversations, lectures and discussions allow visitors direct contact with artists and curators.


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