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The ifa Gallery Stuttgart presents contemporary art in a global perspective, addressing post-colonial movements and artistic reflections on the themes of migration and cultural transfer. In times of social and economic transformation conventional ascriptions have become unreliable, and so our exhibitions are based on co-creative processes with global and local collaboration. Different voices are heard as they combine to form a multi-layered shared space in which visitors are included.


Current exhibition

© Gibeon, southern Namibia, UWC Mayibuye Archive, Eric Miller, 1987

"When Gathering Ruins Through Ceremony, Objects Become Songs"/ Sonorous Bodies, Part II
3 day programme conceived by Pungwe (Memory Biwa & Robert​ Machiri​), in collaboration with Nikola Hartl and ifa Gallery Stuttgart. In resonance with 15th Triennale Small Sculpture Fellbach. 

22.9. – 24.9.2022 Performative Events
25.9. – 2.10.2022 Videos and Sound Installation

What does it mean when we see "objects" as "sonorous bodies" that connect us with the past, tell stories, and have their own vitality? An ephemeral space opens up in the ifa Gallery that re-focuses restitution on despoiled "sonorous bodies" in relation to memorial and artistic practices. In museums these bodies are classified as "objects" and silenced inside glass showcases, while here they regain their vitality thanks to embodiments and links concerning their meanings, presence, and usage across the generations. "Objects" become "sonorous bodies."


The exhibition If we're happy in our dreams, does that count? is an invitation to dream together. It is issued by the Foundation for Contemporary Art – Ghana, an independent art space in Accra, who displays works and processes at the ifa Gallery from 28 October 2022 to 8 January 2023. As part of the exhibition, new artistic works by six Ghanaian artists are created, which deal with Stuttgart and Accra with regard to soundscapes, ecology, language and habitat, as well as the promotion and cultivation of growth and dreams. A central concern of the project is to network the cultural scenes of Accra and Stuttgart in a long-term and sustainable way. During the development of the exhibition, an exchange was initiated between actors of the independent scene in Stuttgart and the curators and artists, which can deepen, intertwine and spread in Stuttgart through joint programs during the term.The exhibition is part of the collaborative ifa project OtherNetwork, which encourages dialogue and cocreation between independent art spaces in different geographical locations. Parallel to the launch of an online platform, this first presentation of a future ifa travelling exhibition marks the start.  







27. Oct

If we’re happy in our dreams, does that count?

Exhibition openingifa-Galerie StuttgartStuttgart
28. Oct2022-08. Jan2023

If we’re happy in our dreams, does that count?

Exhibitionifa Gallery StuttgartStuttgart

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The ifa Galleries show the visual arts, architecture and design of a globalized world. They have been addressing contemporary art and current cultural and socio-political developments in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe since 1971 in Stuttgart and since 1990 in Berlin. Exhibition series afford insight into art scenes all over the world and reach across national borders. Conversations, lectures and discussions allow visitors direct contact with artists and curators.

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