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ifa Gallery Berlin is bringing art into the center of dialogue, acts as a space of encounter and is a digital platform alike. With the transdisciplinary project Untie to Tie, ifa Gallery Berlin invites since 2017 visitors to take part in a discourse on colonial legacies, movement, migration and environment. The programme encourages thinking beyond colonial borders, be they mental or territorial, and perceives diversity and plurality of perspectives as essential features that make it possible to grasp the present as an ever-changing reality. Movement and migration are understood as emancipatory processes that facilitate interactions between people.

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Current Projects

In 2020/2021 ifa Gallery Berlin invites visitors to take part in a discourse on environment as part of the transdisciplinary project and online platform "Untie to Tie". In the current phase "Environment" international positions that look on the consequences colonisation and globalisation have had for the environment will be introduced. In their work activists, researchers, collectives, artists and curators encounter local forms of resistance by those seeking to oppose land appropriation. The shown positions are part of movements which are striving to preserve concepts of living and ensure their survival into the future.

24. June2021-29. August2021

For the Phoenix To Find Its Form in Us

Exhibitionifa Gallery BerlinBerlin

Series of Events: "Ecologies of Listening"

With "Ecologies of Listening" the ifa gallery Berlin explores listening as a practice of actively and consciously relating to our environment. Through experimentation, listening exercises and sound walks from the fields of radio art, composition and somatic practice, three listening sessions in different urban locations invite participants to challenge their aural senses and practice active listening. Curated by Annika Niemann and Rosanna Lovell.

All sessions are available on the SoundCloud page of ifa Gallery Berlin.

Upcoming projects

  • Fall 2021 Publication  “Untie to Tie. Colonial fragments in the context of school” Aïcha Diallo, Annika Niemann, Miriam Shabafrouz (Ed.)
  • 17.09.2021 Exhibition as part of Untie to Tie “Pallay/Pampa. Andean crossroads”

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ifa Galleries

The ifa Galleries show the visual arts, architecture and design of a globalized world. They have been addressing contemporary art and current cultural and socio-political developments in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe since 1971 in Stuttgart and since 1990 in Berlin. Exhibition series afford insight into art scenes all over the world and reach across national borders. Conversations, lectures and discussions allow visitors direct contact with artists and curators.

ifa Gallery Berlin

Linienstraße 139/140
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