The picture shows a large green area resembling a meadow. The relief structures stand out from each other in different shades of green. The picture is part of the exhibition Colorless green freedoms sleep furiously by the ifa funded artist Miloš Trakilović, which takes place in Grazer Kunstverein from May 27 to August 12, 2023.
Miloš Trakilović Colorless Green Freedoms Sleep Furiously (still). Single-channel video sound 2023 Courtesy of the artist © Miloš Trakilović

Colorless Green Freedoms Sleep Furiously

27. May 2023 - 12. Aug 2023
Grazer Kunstverein, Palais Trauttmansdorff
Burggasse 4
A-8010 Graz

Colorless Green Freedoms Sleep Furiously (2023) is a newly commissioned video essay by the Bosnian-Dutch artist Miloš Trakilović that explores visibility and freedom in the digital age through the lens of his family history. The work is rooted in the account of his mother, Milijana Mendeš, who survived the atrocities of the Bosnian War and fled to the Netherlands with her two children in 1995. In 2018, Trakilović conducted an extensive interview with her, in which he conversed with her about her experiences during the Bosnian War. In this conversation, she vividly recalled some of her first moments outside of the Bosnian war zone: "When I arrived in The Netherlands as a refugee, the first thing I remember doing was sitting in a park for hours. I could not stop staring at the grass. It was so lush and green. I've seen grass many times in my life before, but I've never again seen it so bright. I remember sitting there and thinking, this grass here is so green, it is free, and in that moment, I felt free too. I felt liberated from my past." 

Twenty-eight years after their arrival, Colorless Green Freedoms Sleep Furiously embodies Trakilović's speculative quest to make his mother see that same shade of green once more. Trakilović entwines her heartfelt triangulation between green, grass, and freedom with the coded and simulative nature of digital technologies in which green plays an imperative role, such as the green screen or chroma key, and computer-generated imagery. Filmed in the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and oscillating between simulated and “real” landscapes, Colorless Green Freedoms Sleep Furiously unfolds as an inquisitive and poetic dream sequence that challenges the hegemonic role of vision and truth in the narratives of war and visual culture at large. Here, Trakilović invokes the invisible, unrelenting spectral forces that constitute the experience and memory of war and its aftermath.

Funded artist: Miloš Trakilović

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