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Three Pakistani girls use the platform Aurat Raaj , that provides information on women's health.

Breaking Taboos with Technology

The death of a female Pakistani social media activist prompted then journalist Saba Khalid to start her mission to empower girls and young women in Pakistan. In 2017, she founded her ...

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Indian women hold their wet saris to dry in the sun during a demonstration for an old-age poverty pension

The Brave Women of Pune

What does the history of the German women’s movement since the fall of the Berlin Wall have to do with the life of women in Asia? During her lecture tour through Malaysia, Singapore and ...

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The picture shows two men in suits walking over a crack in the ground.

Politics instead of Blind Faith in the Market. The EU Must Not Become the Catalyst of the Continent’s Divisions

No, it wasn't a 'election for Europe's destiny'. The attempt by some party groups to stylise the 2019 European elections as a decisive battle against right-wing populism turned out to ...

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Cartoon: A bullet missed four influencial people until it hits a child

How a Cartoonist Re-learned Drawing

A journalist writes a critical article about the president and is imprisoned the next day... What sounds to German ears like the beginning of a political thriller is virtually everyday ...

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Berlin-Pankow, Bornholmer Straße, Berlin, Gedenkstätte am Platz des 9. November 1989

The Voice of the Silent

Whether in front of the camera as commander of a concentration camp or behind it, searching for the blind spot in inner German history: the culture of remembrance is a matter of concern ...

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Man walking at a bus stop

Divided Societies. The Magnitude of the Risks Is Measured by the Number of Losers

Societal division is nothing new. It has shaped modernity since industrialisation. In the 1990s and 2000s, however, its effects were suppressed from public awareness. The question is ...

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Heads of bald-headed men, in the background with dark hood

The Management of Hate

Nitzan Shoshan's ethnographic research among young neo-Nazis in East Berlin served as the basis for his award-winning publication 'The Management of Hate'. In a conversation the author ...

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The Global Debate on the World's Major Divisions Misses the Elephant in the Room

'The world has never been more divided' is a refrain often heard in mainstream commentary, especially as the global consensus around economics and governance is challenged both ...

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