Cherry Thinn

Cherry Thinn


I am Cherry Thinn from National museum at Naypyitaw in Myanmar. I received scholarship from the Rave Foundation of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen to collaboration in the preparation for the exhibition of "Myanmar–The Golden Land" which is going to take place from 18th October 2014 to17th May 2015. When I received the invitation from Rave Foundation, I was so glad and honored for getting the chance to participate in the exhibition because it will make our mother land known to all people in Europe. I was glad to come for preparing the exhibition, getting knowledge and experience considering the processes and functions in a European museum.

I arrived in Germany on 01.02.2014 and I started to work at the Linden-Museum on 03.02.2014. Although this experience was first time job training in abroad especially it is one of the European museums my host colleagues and foundation are very helpful, friendly and outgoing. So I got very familiar with Stuttgart, but language, weather, infrastructures and food are very different. When I arrived in the Linden Museum Stuttgart, I worked together with Dr. Georg Noack, Senior Curator of South and South-East Asia at the museum who is responsible for this exhibition as my supervisor.  He assigned duty to me for writing the exhibition texts. Moreover, He gave the chance for writing an article in the catalog book will be published for exhibition. Therefore we had to go to Libraries and read the many books. Then I had to write the texts and an article by reference the museum catalog books for audients to understand easily. So I have much more knowledge about my cultural background.

I had to attend exhibition design workshops with the museum's director, curators, exhibition designers, graphic designer, persons from education department and public relation department, the exhibition coordinator, volunteers and scholars. I got to know in collaboration with the team how to determine the decision, discuss and create the ideas how to display the exhibits based on the themes and information of exhibition according to the security point of view from this meeting. It was not only Myanmar Exhibition but also "Shadowplays" which is the next exhibition. Additionally we hold many small meeting with curator, conservator, exhibition designer, education department and scholar about the education programs for children audience and how to display the exhibits according to the conservation point of view.

Although I will miss the display time of the Myanmar Exhibition, I could to learn how to conserve, preserve, reserve, display and educate to visitors from activities of the "Incas – Kings of the Andes" and Tibet Exhibition "Tibet – Art from the Roof of the World" which is a new permanent exhibition room in the museum. The education department gave me the opportunity to meet with the youth club of the museum. And I also gave my ideas for educative programs during the Myanmar exhibition.

Moreover, public relation department explained about their activities and visitor service so that I could consider applying some of it in our Myanmar museum. I also collaborated with the public relation department in setting up a blog on the Myanmar exhibition that will be named "Myan-mehr" (Myan-more…). I could learn to know about text writing methods and database systems of the museum from my supervisor during the working period with him. My host colleagues in the Linden Museum Stuttgart explained not only about their museum but also, for example, about western art at the State Gallery. And I was able to travel around Germany and I visited beautiful cities, many great museums and galleries. I found overall great people everywhere.

This experiences getting from this program will be beneficial for my future museum career. Participating of the Linden-Museum’s special exhibition "Myanmar – the Golden Land" was a unique opportunity and extremely valuable in developing my understanding and knowledge of European museums, display techniques, educational systems, and registration methods. The skills and experience gained in Germany would be a major step forward in my professional development. Additionally, on my return to Myanmar, I would work hard to share the skills and knowledge developed in Linden Museum with my colleagues. So I would like to special thank all the person of Rave Foundation for inviting me to come, train and learn very much and all my colleagues who made me improve my knowledge and experiences.

Cherry Thinn, Myanmar, von Februar – April 2014 Linden-Museum, Stuttgart

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