The Event of a Thread | Das Ereignis eines Fadens

Zille Homma Hamid

Zille Homma Hamid (b. 1972) is a Pakistani-German designer and artist who lives and works in Berlin. Between 2001 and 2010, she had her own fashion label, which bore her name. Using restricted artistic interventions, her artwork reveals how textile materials can both preserve traces and draw attention to them. It also explores the relationships between textiles across histories and cultures. In 2008, she took part in 'Prêt-à-pARTager', ifa's fashion photography workshop in Dakar. In 2015, she visited Bangalore in connection with the bangaloREsidency. In 2016, her work was shown at the National Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh and she received a fellowship from the National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), Oslo.

Zille Homma Hamid: Loom Chair, 2013, waxed cotton, stones, chair, cast iron, bark; photo: Uwe Walther, © Zille Homma Hamid
Loom Chair, 2013
Zille Homma Hamid: Fall Tomorrow, 2013, nylon yarn, silk yarn; photo: Uwe Walther, © Zille Homma Hamid
Fall Tomorrow, 2013
Zille Homma Hamid: Dry White Season, 2013, cotton and woollen yarns, wire, dried tree bark; photo: Uwe Walther, © Zille Homma Hamid
Dry White Season, 2013
Various materials; photos: Uwe Walther, © Zille Homma Hamid

Zille Homma Hamid weaves abstract forms and cultural techniques by means of natural yarns, natural materials, and colors. She visually explores the cultural connections between plants, textiles and language. 'Dry White Season' is part of a series of works inspired by poems from South Africa dealing with the oppression of the apartheid regime. This delicate, fragile weaving takes natural and social contexts into account. Similarly, the 'Loom Chair' breathes a local spirit, while also standing archetypically for one of humankind's oldest technological and cultural achievements. It is flexible and nomadic; it can be taken elsewhere, while remaining interwoven with its environment.