Wei Minghui

Bamboo Mat Bag, 2012

Bamboo mat and leather, H 34 x W 28.5 x D 13 cm
Gift: Wei Minghui, neicun re_design
Photo/© Wei Minghui

The product uses the traditional Chinese summer sleeping bamboo mat as the surface of the bag. The bag has patterns on the woven mats, while simultaneously showing the traditional bamboo weaving craft.

Wei Minghui is a graphic designer, product designer and founder of neicun re_design. He works and lives  in Beijing.
The principle of neicun is to use a simple way to make a new design. Its speciality is that the pattern can not be repeated. When discarded material is pieced together to make handbags, wallets or many other items, a love of “redesign” is assimilated into them. “More is less” is the guiding principle, with every neicun item well made. The idea of “redesign” is to bring classical designs back into our lives. neicun recycles old poster cloth or other materials, using eco-friendly methods to reproduce classical design. As the materials are all recycled, every handbag has a unique pattern, and there can never be a worry that someone else may be using the same bag. These designs can also awake memories of the past.

Wei Minghui: Bamboo Mat Bag, 2012; Photo/© Wei Minghui
Photo/© Wei Minghui
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