Piratas do Pau

Mulher-Woman, rack, 2016

Water heater, H 150 x B 34 cm
Series: Vertical wine racks
Photo/© Nelsa Guambe

The designer turns old water heaters into products. The illustrations depicted on the wine rack expresses her observations of society, and in particular pay homage to the daily life of women in her country.

Nelsa Guambe lives and works as an artist in Maputo. She co-runs Piratas do Pau with her partner Ab Oosterwaal. She uses painting and photography as the main vehicles of her artistic expression. With her art she tries to represent ongoing African and especially Mo-zambican trends in what inspires and awakens socially. She has a bachelor's degree in public administration and development studies from UNISA–University of South Africa. She is a member and artist at Núcleo de Arte (Mozambican association of artists) where she realized her first solo exhibition, followed by a second solo exhibition at the Mozambican Photography Association. She has participated in group exhibitions at various institutions in Maputo: Núcleo de Arte, Instituto Cultural Moçambique-Alemanha/Goethe-Zentrum, Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano/Centre Culturel Franco-Mozambicain, Polana Serena Hotel, Mediateca do BCI-Banco Comercial e de Investimentos, and has presented her upcycling collection Mima-te in Hamburg. Piratas do Pau is a Mozambican brand of the creative studio ABdesign which combines the design and production of unique products with skills, development and job creation for young Mozambican craftsman and artisans. Piratas do Pau designs and makes hand-made products using local and modern techniques and locally sourced materials, which are often recycled, while providing young Mozambicans with training, a fair living and access to opportunities.

Piratas do Pau: Mulher-Woman, rack, 2016; photo/© Nelsa Guambe
Photo/© Nelsa Guambe
Michaella Pedros
Sahil & Sarathak