Mieke Meijer

New Hybrids, Chair, 2014

NewspaperWood, oak wood, steel, H 70 x W 45 x D 60 cm
Photo: Raw Cocor, © Studio Mieke Meijer

Wooden panels made of newspaper. The paper is layered in a slight curve and glued together. Instead of the rings of the years we have paper layer rings. Large boards, from which smaller single "boards" are cut and shaped. The rest is the work of the carpenter.

The works of Studio Mieke Meijer start from constructions and architectonic shapes to form alternative spatial structures where the interplay between space and its surroundings are central. The studio works within the liminal field between architecture and product design. This enables Studio Mieke Meijer to move freely, regardless of architectural restrictions and outside the boundaries of the traditional product. The material NewspaperWood was invented by the designer in 2003. NewspaperWood reverses a traditional production process; not from wood to paper, but from (news) paper to wood.

Mieke Meijer: New Hybrids, Chair, 2014; photo: Raw Cocor, © Studio Mieke Meijer
Photo: Raw Cocor, © Studio Mieke Meijer
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