Jean-Marc Attia

Tabouret Bill, stool, 2012

Bicycle tyre, truck tube, eucalyptus wood, H 25 x W 30 x D 30 cm
Photo: Aline Périer, © Aline Périer

The product is entirely handcrafted and made from the recycled inner tubes of truck tyres. The patterned edges are from bicycle tyres and the legs are repurposed eucalyptus wood used as scaffolding on Indian building sites.

A self-taught man, Jean-Marc Attia became chief operating officer in the IT industry. Then he went back to school, to INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. Then he took part in humanitarian missions in Africa with the International Red Cross. In 2008, fed up and his head full of questions, he “gave up everything” to create Marron Rouge, during an umpteenth trip to India. He is keen on travelling through the five continents. He is a complete optimist who prefers to work in a good mood, and especially with humour. He cherishes human values. In 2009, he left his life as a devoted “upwardly mobile executive” to think a little more about himself and to give his professional activities and his life a more human, responsible and sustainable sense. The first step was an ethical trade initiative with players in the social and solidarity economy, then the sale of their products in France. Very quickly, he became unsatisfied with this simple exchange, and he began to think about design and the environment.

Jean-Marc Attia: Tabouret Bill, stool, 2012; Photo: Aline Périer, © Aline Périer
Photo: Aline Périer, © Aline Périer
Marjan van Aubel & James Michael Shaw I