Cheng Biliang

Steel Bar Combination Stool, 2016

Armouring irons, H 45 x W 30 x D 40 cm
Photo/© Biliang Cheng

The inspiration came from leftover steel bars in construction sites. The bars are cheap and sturdy and they show linear structure.

Now a third-grade student at the Living Design Studio, GAFA–Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Cheng Biliang is also the editor of the studio's WeChat subscription. Focusing on researches into everyday products and materials, he carefully collected subtleties of everyday life and took them as his inspirations. Incorporating emotions into his design, he has received more than ten domestic and international awards. He has also participated in two domestic exhibitions.

Cheng Biliang: Steel Bar Combination Stool, 2016; Photo/© Biliang Cheng
Photo/© Biliang Cheng
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