Breg Hanssen

Framed cabinet, 2011

Solid NewspaperWood panels; steel frame, powder coated,
H 104 x W 84 x D 46
Photo/© Vij5

Wooden panels made of newspaper. The paper is layered in a slight curve and glued together. Instead of the rings of the years we have paper layer rings. Large boards, from which smaller single “boards” are cut and shaped. The rest is the work of the carpenter.

Breg Hanssen is part of the design team of the first product collection for the project NewspaperWood. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 2003. He designs and realizes furniture to the most specific needs. A key element is functionality in combination with an honest use of materials and creating accents with colours and combinations.

Breg Hanssen: Framed cabinet, 2011; Photo/© Vij5
Photo/© Vij5
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