Politics of Sharing – On Collective Wisdom

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson: Ritual and formation, 2013; © Peter Robinson
Ritual and formation, 2013, wool felt

Peter Robinson studied Fine Arts at IIam School of Fine Arts and lives, works in New Zealand. Whereas his earlier works deal with questions of cultural identity and representation of the Maori, Robinson recently developed an abstract language that emphasizes the materiality of his installations-felt, polystyrene or steel- and creates an own syntax. A lot of his works are generated in co-operation with the audience, who is invited to intervene and change the installation. Robinson’s works are often exhibited both in New Zealand and internationally as well as on several Biennales.

"Often when I speak about my work I refer to minimalism as a key influence upon my practice, mostly because of what I see as the democratic, socialist, non-hierarchical impulses within its early manifestations… Syntax for me is to do with ordering of words in a sentence, and it is do with the rules that determine that order. When others become involved in making the work (at Artspace) they will determine the order of the parts, the syntax and hence its title. One thing that has 'unfolded' for me since I provided the title is the phonetic relationship between 'Ack' and 'Syntax'. This is a subconscious thing I guess. If you look at the etymology of syntax the two parts are 'together' and 'arrange' which seem actually pretty apt."

Peter Robinson: Syntax, 2015; © Peter Robinson
Syntax, 2015
© Peter Robinson