Politics of Sharing – On Collective Wisdom

Daniel Maier-Reimer presented by Syafiatudina

Daniel Maier-Reimer: Auckland-Christchurch 2015, 2015; © Daniel Maier-Reimer
Auckland-Christchurch 2015, 2015
© Daniel Maier-Reimer
Daniel Maier-Reimer: Apuan Alps 2013, 2014; © Daniel Maier-Reimer
Apuan Alps 2013, 2014

Daniel Maier-Reimer’s art is the practice of travelling – usually by foot and alone. As he lays more emphasis on the time he spends at a certain place than on the artistic output, he often summarizes his journeys in a single photo shot, sometimes in a small series of shots. On some of his journeys Maier-Reimer doesn’t take a photo at all. Since 2013, the artist lets other artists decide how his work is being presented. His latest journey took him from Auckland to Christchurch in 2015. Syafiatudina, member of the transdisciplinary Indonesian collective KUNCI, whom he met in Christchurch, will conceive the presentation of this journey at the ifa-galleries Berlin and Stuttgart.