Michael Schäfer
Michael Schäfer: Generation: Generation (06), 2011–2013; Inkjet-Print, 75,8 x 53,3 cm

Michael Schäfer’s approach to photography is a form of artistic mimicry, a way of appropriating images so as to deconstruct them. The artist’s gaze fixes on the over-determination of press images, their surplus of meaning and significance that literally presents the viewer with a historical and political constellation as a finished and closed interpretation.

'We are living in a context increasingly characterized by overlapping and competing realities and thus also overlapping and competing realisms. A superficial unity of human identity – and, by analogy, the unity of the image – is an illusion that cannot be upheld today.'

Michael Schäfer was born in 1964 in Sigmaringen and lives and works in Berlin. He studied photography design at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and photography at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts. Schäfer was an on the artistic staff in Leipzig and today teaches at Hartford Art School, Connecticut, and the Berlin University of the Arts.

Michael Schäfer. with / against the flow #2 / Florian Ebner, Christin Müller (eds.). – Cologne: Buchhandlung Walther König, 2016