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Tobias Bilgeri: You are my Hero, 2009, door
Tobias Bilgeri: You are my Hero, 2009, woman at the window
Tobias Bilgeri: You are my Hero, 2009, woman on the staircase

Tobias Bilgeri: You are my Hero

This is the story of a perfidious and unpardonable deception. A bold knight rides out in full armour in pursuit of fame – not into battle, but to the neighbouring castle, where his mistress eagerly awaits him. While he is away, his wife counts the hours and days with trepidation. He returns covered in glory, and everyone believes his tales of heroic deeds because his mistress keeps a pot of ketchup handy to create blood-red stains of battle on his sword and armour. This happens time and time again. However, the best laid plans ... Ketchup – unfortunately for the knight – does not taste like blood. Now there is nothing more powerful than jealous revenge. The knight’s wife puts her desire to make him pay above everything that was once dear to her. She sees cutting off the head of her husband as the only way of escaping her present and future pain. But it is also suicide – in her archaic society, she will be executed as her husband’s murderer. Lifting the sword with a heavy heart, she will become a deadly nightshade, with revenge creeping through it.

  • Author, screenplay: Tobias Bilgeri
  • Entstehungsjahr: 2009
  • Length: 8.00 Min.
  • Technique: 3 D-Computeranimation
  • Animation: Raphael Wahl, Tobias Bilgeri
  • Music: Roman Beilharz
  • Narrator: Sophia Baron
  • Sound design: Steffen Martin
  • Backgrounds: Sebastian Stamm
  • Director: Tobias Bilgeri
  • Producer: Tobias Bilgeri, Kunsthochschule Kassel

Tobias Bilgeri

  • 1978
    born in Bayreuth
  • studied animation film at the Kunsthochschule Kassel
  • since 1999 producing independent projects and commercial work
Tobias Bilgeri: You are my Hero, 2009, Figur