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Andreas Hykade: The Runt, 2006, boy 1
Andreas Hykade: The Runt, 2006, boy 2
Andreas Hykade: The Runt, 2006, basement stairs
Andreas Hykade: The Runt, 2006, in the cellar 1
Andreas Hykade: The Runt, 2006, in the cellar 2

Andreas Hykade: The Runt

A father and son are the protagonists in a story of authority – of obedience and submission. The little boy wants his tiny friend the rabbit to live to see a fine sunny day – putting him at odds with his father, who wants to keep the unwanted and skinny fifth rabbit out of his allotted "homeland" in a comfortable, well-provisioned pen. This is hard for the innocent boy to accept. A compromise is reached between the boy’s wishes and reality. The underdeveloped fifth rabbit is to be fed for a year – until it is fat enough for the family’s Sunday dinner. The journey down the dark cellar stairs with a sharp knife is postponed, but not avoided. With a pounding heart, the son agrees – for him, a year’s delay is like an eternity.

  • Author, screenplay: Andreas Hykade
  • Year: 2006
  • Length: 10.00 min.
  • Technique: Drawn animation
  • Animation: Andreas Hykade, Ralf Bohde, Ruth Weber
  • Drawings: Natalia Eck, Andreas Hykade, Frauke Stiegnitz, Helene Tragesser
  • Music: Ulrich Reuter
  • Narrator: Domenic Redl, Gerd Anthoff
  • Directed by: Andreas Hykade
  • Produced by: Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Studio FILM BILDER

Andreas Hykade

  • 1968
    born in Altötting, Bavaria
  • 1988–1990
    studied at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
  • 1991
    animator in London
  • 1992–1995
    studied at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
  • since 1995
    freelance animation filmmaker
  • since 2005
    professor of animated film at the Kunsthochschule Kassel
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