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Jochen Kuhn: Sunday 1, 2005, man
Jochen Kuhn: Sunday 1, 2005, street
Jochen Kuhn: Sunday 1, 2005, railings
Jochen Kuhn: Sunday 1, 2005, crossroads

Jochen Kuhn: Sunday 1

The streets and squares are silent and empty. The traffic lights change to green, but on this Sunday morning, not one car passes through this normally busy crossing. No sound of "God be praised" comes from the church where High Mass should be in progress, despite decades of bishops and cardinals fighting the secular powers that be to defend the Sunday sermon and Sunday mass against people who want to sleep in or go shopping. The coffee tables and chairs still hang from their chains along the house walls.
One chain hangs slack on the cobbles. It had been broken in the night by a biker and his female pillion passenger with a large pipe wrench. A table for four has been turned into a table for three. In the houses, the young fathers have already changed their little sons’ and daughters' nappies. Instead of incense, the scent of coffee hangs in the unventilated bedrooms. The women blink tiredly in the dull morning light and sigh because they've slept through Sunday morning again. A blind is pulled up, and then another. Soon several are being pulled up at once. The rattling fills the whole street. A man steps out of the door and turns to beckon to a woman on the third storey.
The music of SWR 3 blasts from another window. The silence is well and truly broken.

  • Author, screenplay: Jochen Kuhn
  • Year: 2005
  • Length: 6.00 min.
  • Technique: Painting
  • Animation: Jochen Kuhn
  • Drawings: Jochen Kuhn
  • Music: Jochen Kuhn
  • Narrator: Jörg Pleva
  • Directed by: Jochen Kuhn
  • Produced by: Jochen Kuhn

Jochen Kuhn

  • 1954
    born in Wiesbaden
  • since 1972
    films, painting, screenplays, film music, photographs
  • 1975–1980
    studied art in Hamburg
  • since 1984
    lectureships in Hamburg, Stuttgart, London, Vienna, Sydney and other
  • since 1991
    professor at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
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Jochen Kuhn: Sonntag 1, man at the window