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Aike Arndt: Styx, 2007, mountain
Aike Arndt: Styx, 2007, monster
Aike Arndt: Styx, 2007, Evelyn
Aike Arndt: Styx, 2007, people
Aike Arndt: Styx, 2007, hellhound

Aike Arndt: Styx – An animated short film about the underworld

Charon, the ferryman of the Styx, takes everyone who reaches the bank of the black river to the other side. He doesn't bother to separate good from evil, indiscriminately rowing everyone over to the dreadful mountain beyond the river, where they are swallowed by the monsters of Hades. Then "Evelyn" arrives and refuses to submit to this collective damnation. She refuses to obey the messenger of death and climb the mountain. Having escaped the jaws of hell, she takes matters into her own hands, allowing the somewhat exhausted Charon to retire. Her new job is difficult, but presumably has good job security. She proves she's the right woman for the job by easily clearing the backlog that has built up on the near shore of the river, ruthlessly sending the waiting souls to the fiery, smoking mountain. No-one will ever know what exactly happens inside the mountain. Voices can be heard in the dreadful night seemingly trying to make a deal with the monsters. But no-one has ever returned.

  • Author, screenplay: Aike Arndt
  • Year: 2007
  • Length: 8.40 Min.
  • Technique: 2 D-Animation und Zeichentrick
  • Animation: Aike Arndt
  • Music: Florian Bodenschatz, Anja Driemecker
  • Directed by: Aike Arndt
  • Produced by: Aike Arndt

Aike Arndt

  • 1980
    born in Neuss
  • 2000–2007
    studied design at Münster University of Applied Sciences
  • since 2007
    works as freelance illustrator and animator
Aike Arndt: illustrations for 'Styx – An animated short film about the underworld'