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René Lange: Samsa, 2008, Mr. Samsa
René Lange: Samsa, 2008, insect 1
René Lange: Samsa, 2008, insect 2
René Lange: Samsa, 2008, insect 3

René Lange: Samsa – Homage to Franz Kafka

This homage to Franz Kafka focuses on his short story "Metamorphosis" and the psychological basis of his creative writing. A stylistically secure metamorphosis turns his portrait into a fragile mask that increasingly dissolves into a fragment. In his film, the author presents his personal impressions of Kafka’s story in visual form, translating Kafka’s surreal world into impressively appropriate images. In the metamorphosis, the I-character is transformed into an armoured insect and Kafka’s writing implement develops into a monster armed with spines.

  • Author, screenplay: René Lange
  • Year: 2008Length: 3.56 min.
  • Technique: Computer animation with After Effects
  • Animation: René Lange
  • Music: Daniel Regenberg
  • Sound design: Daniel Regenberg, Michał Krajczok
  • Mixing: Michał Krajczok
  • Directed by: René Lange
  • Production manager: Holger Lochau
  • Produced by: Nadine Sklodowski
  • Production company: Film & Television Academy (HFF) 'Konrad Wolf' Potsdam-Babelsberg

René Lange

  • 1977
    born in Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt
  • 1995–2000
    studied at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau
  • since 2001
    freelance graphic designer and filmmaker
  • 2003–2009
    studied at the Film & Television Academy (HFF) 'Konrad Wolf' in Potsdam-Babelsberg
René Lange: Samsa, 2008, model of the bug