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Ina Findeisen: Mercury Bird, 2009
Ina Findeisen: Mercury Bird, 2009, detail 2
Ina Findeisen: Mercury Bird, 2009, detail 3
Ina Findeisen: Mercury Bird, 2009, detail 4
Ina Findeisen: Mercury Bird, 2009, detail 5

Ina Findeisen: Mercury Bird

Five animals live in a clearing in the woods: a fox, a badger, a mole and a mother panda with her cub. They collect fruit every day, to store for the winter. But youngest, the little panda cub, isn’t allowed to help because he is too little and too weak. One day he finds a glowing egg with a bird hatching out of it. This is a big help for the animals. But because they are so greedy and immoderate, they do not just destroy the bird and their home, they almost destroy themselves as well.
Now it is up to the cub to make the right decision: should he stay with his family or run away with the bird?

  • Author, screenplay: Ina Findeisen
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 9.20 min.
  • Technique: 2D animation
  • Animation: Ina Findeisen, Maryna Shchipak, Viola Baier, Mareike Ottrand, Louis Tardivier, Wolfram Kampffmeyer
  • Music: Frank Schreiber
  • Sound design: Christian Heck
  • Directed by: Ina Findeisen
  • Produced by: Stina McNicholas
  • Production company: Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, Ludwigsburg

Ina Findeisen

  • 1980
    born in Meissen
  • 2001–2003
    trained as a technical design assistant for media and communication in Dresden
  • 2002–2004
    Balance Film and queo in Dresden; Studio FILM BILDER in Stuttgart
  • 2004–2009
    studied animation at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
  • 2009
    working as a freelancer