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Izabela Plucinska: Jam Session, 2005, old couple in bed
Izabela Plucinska: Jam Session, 2005, band
Izabela Plucinska: Jam Session, 2005, bar

Izabela Plucinska: Jam Session

It is 23.30. An old married couple are lying in bed, trying to sleep. The sound of motors from parking cars and the cries of disco visitors come ringing from the street. The man gets up and drifts through the unlit flat, while the tap drips. Then the noise gets louder – car doors are slammed and the arriving musicians shout greetings. There are whistles and chatter. The nearest church clock tower strikes twelve, and the music starts with a rumbling drum solo. That puts a final end to the peace and quiet. An accordion striking up, however, brings back old memories for the couple. The woman gets up first, taking a fine dress from earlier days from the wardrobe, and then the man puts on a jacket, trousers, a shirt and even a striped cravat. The flat becomes a dancing hall, and for a while the old couple are able to forget their high blood pressure, asthma and rheumatism.

  • Author, screenplay: Izabela Plucinska
  • Year: 2005
  • Length: 10.00 min.
  • Technique: Claymation
  • Animation: Izabela Plucinska
  • Drawings: Izabela Plucinska
  • Puppets made by: Izabela Plucinska
  • Music: Band 'Raz Dwa Trzy', Adam Nowak
  • Narrator: Wiktor Zborowski, Ewa Szykulska
  • Directed by: Izabela Plucinska
  • Produced by: Izabela Plucinska and Film & Television Academy (HFF) 'Konrad Wolf' Potsdam-Babelsberg

Izabela Plucinska

  • 1974
    born in Koszalin
  • 1995–2000
    studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Lódz
  • 1998–2002
    studied at the State Academy for Film, Television and Theatre, Lódz
  • 2002–2003
    studied animation at the Film & Television Academy (HFF) "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam-Babelsberg
  • 2005
    Silver Bear for 'Jam Session' at the Berlinale