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Sebastian Peterson: Diary of a Perfect Love, 2007, table, window
Sebastian Peterson: Diary of a Perfect Love, 2007, faces
Sebastian Peterson: Diary of a Perfect Love, 2007, woman
Sebastian Peterson: Diary of a Perfect Love, 2007, people

Sebastian Peterson: Diary of a Perfect Love

A dimly-lit, spartan community flat. A relationship that was once like a marriage has become more half-hearted – characterised by squabbles about the washing up, cleaning and television rota. In an uncool comparison, the female half of the partnership tells the male half that "he's no prince", (driving barbs of envy deeply into the relationship). The comfortless home life we see at the beginning is ripe for a change, and the protagonist’s working life in the chicken abattoir isn't rosy either. Soon Peter will have killed his hundred thousandth chicken, but he now wants to move on to higher things.
On his application, he describes himself as "young, creative, dynamic". As a member of "the vocational training generation" he is puzzled when he is invited to an interview on the executive level by return of post, and, three days later, has the contract in his pocket. The management assigns the most attractive woman he has ever seen as part of his development team. Three days later, she gives him a French kiss for the first time in the firm’s elevator. She is simply perfect, with a perfect body, and they soon become the most successful team – creating an artificial hamster that conquers children#s bedrooms all over the world. After passing the tests with flying colours, and with their artificial hamster voted the world's favourite cuddly animal, they are packed off to New York to recharge their creative batteries for the next major assignments. Then, in 67th Street, an accident happens.

  • Author, screenplay: Sebastian Peterson
  • Year: 2007
  • Length: 14.54 min.
  • Technique: Cutout, photo montage
  • Animation: Sebastian Peterson
  • Music: Sebastian Peterson
  • Voice actors: Petra Barthel, Marion Simon, Kzryzstof Pukanski, Thomas Kästner
  • Directed by: Sebastian Peterson
  • Produced by: Sebastian Peterson

Sebastian Peterson

  • 1967
    born in Hamburg
  • trained as a news editor
  • studied at the Film & Television Academy (HFF) "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam-Babelsberg
  • independent director and scriptwriter
  • animation for drawn cartoon films