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Gabriela Grube: Come on Strange, 2005

Gabriela Gruber: Come on Strange

Everything in this film races along, with the animation precisely matching the rhythm of the music. The figures and the plot are composed down to the smallest detail. The camera records what is going on as if it was recording test images intentionally divorced from actuality and reality – refusing to acknowledge a link with a hallucinatory picture world. This is a film about the "I". The true "I" does not simply exist – with every moment that passes, it is destroyed and created anew. A rhythmic sequence of old memories being overlaid with fresh reflections is an apt filmic expression of this. Is the memory colouring fact with fantasy? Pictures flicker past, each one drowning what came before – but leaving many remarkable, surprising details in the memory of the viewer. "In her wonderfully painted experimental production, Gabriele Gruber shows us an unusual view of life."

  • Author, screenplay: Gabriela Gruber
  • Year: 2005
  • Length: 3.40 min.
  • Technique, painting technique, animation: Gabriela Gruber
  • Drawings: Gabriela Gruber
  • Music: Glen Velez
  • Directed by: Gabriela Gruber
  • Produced by: Gabriela Gruber

Gabriela Gruber

  • 1966
    born in Ingoldstadt
  • 1991
    degree at the Berlin University of the Arts
  • 1992
    studied with Jan Lenica
  • 2007
    commissioned works
    lives and works in Berlin
Gabriela Gruber: Come on Strange, detail