Future Perfect. Contemporary Art from Germany

Dani Gal (born 1975 in Jerusalem) works with historical documents, investigating their visual and acoustic levels of information in the process of creating knowledge and history, and confronting them with his own researched material. In his interactive sound installation "Architecture Regarding the Future of Conversations" (2008), we hear both sides of an American vinyl record with speeches by famous architects in the 1950s. Dani Gal switched the original LP title – "Conversations Regarding the Future of Architecture" – around, as he is interested in the space of communication, not the architecture. When the exhibition’s visitors move throughout the room, the speed and volume of the audio document vary. The more people come close to the plinths with the record players, the more the sound becomes distorted and the spoken text harder to understand.

(l) Architecture Regarding the Future of Conversations, 2008, silkscreen; Photo: Mathias Schormann
(r) Architecture Regarding the Future of Conversations, 2008, silkscreen
© Dani Gal, Courtesy: Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Zürich