Future Perfect. Contemporary Art from Germany

Annette Kelm (born 1975 in Stuttgart) is a photographer. Her motifs often seem to derive from some historical stock that is not explained or commented on, but rather carried over into the classic genres like still life, portrait, object, landscape, and architecture photography. In her series "Drift Wood Lamp" (2010) she looks at strange objects from the 1950s, which pair flotsam cypress root wood with electricity to create traditional lamps. The motifs of her analog photos are frequently not clearly discernible, and they have hybrid cultural references. Kelm always places single motifs before her camera, and she reproduces their strangeness with a still-life quality, as if they came from another time and culture that Kelm sustainably holds fast.

(l) Anna #1, 2011, C-print, framed, 2 parts
(m) Materialtest, 2011, C-print, framed
(r) Horseshoe Magnet, 2011, C-print, framed
© Annette Kelm, Courtesy: Johann König, Berlin; Andrew Kreps, New York