Sahil & Sarthak

Katran High Back Chair, 2010

Powder coated steel, georgette fabric ropes, H 120 x W 66 x D 101 cm
Series: SSKTCH1
Photo: Sahil Bagga, © Sarthak Sahil Design Co

The product is crafted from colourful rope wound around a metal framework. The rope is made from waste fabric discarded by export houses or textile mills, which is collected and sold at market.

Sahil Bagga und Sarthak Sengupta are designers with diverse design backgrounds who have mastered the art of synchronizing their skills to create objects that are reflective yet contemporary. Their partnership began in Milan while they were pursuing their master’s in design. In 2009 they set up their design studio in Delhi, with the strong belief that ethics, ethnicity and ecology can be interwoven with contemporary culture. They transformed their ideas into a successful range of products that are beautiful, functional and "as sustainable as possible". Their expertise lies in reinterpreting Indian craftsmanship and materials to create contemporary objects. In recognition of their innovative business model they were awarded the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award by the British Council India. Their work has been showcased at various design platforms such as the Milan Design Museum and the V&A London. They have received numerous awards such as the EDIDA–Elle Deco International Design Award and the Asia Talents Award.

Sahil & Sarthak: Katran High Back Chair, 2010; photo: Sahil Bagga, © Sarthak Sahil Design Co.
Photo: Sahil Bagga, © Sarthak Sahil Design Co.
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