Micaella Pedros

Joining Bottles, stool, 2016

PET plastic bottles, plywood,
timbers from London Olympic Park building sites,
H 43.5 x W 30 x D 30 cm
photo/©: Micaella Pedros

Builder's wood, logs, wooden scraps. Squared timber, wooden blocks and boards. Sorted, cleaned, reworked into ready-to-fit components and laid alongside each other. These loose parts are affixed with rings made out of PET bottles – joining bottles. Once in place, they only need to be heated, and small items of furniture are ready. Robust, stable and hardy. Just like builders’ wood.

Micaella Pedros is a social and humanitarian designer based in London. She obtained her master's degree in product design at the Royal College of Art London in 2016. Inspired by the values of democratic design and do-it-yourself culture, she developed her practice and philosophy during her volunteering experience in Uganda in 2014 and her work and travel in Guatemala in 2015. Through design, she seeks to contribute to society by unveiling ways to play and to benefit from local resources and natural forces in order to empower people.

Micaella Pedros: Joining Bottles, 2016; photo/©: Micaella Pedros
Photo/©: Micaella Pedros s
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