Patterns made of compressed box-board at the recycling center; Photo: Dziobek / Stockfoto

German Contribution to the London Design Biennale 2018

Pure Gold – Upcycling and its Emotional Touch

4.–23. September 2018

At the London Design Biennale 2018 ifa is presenting the German contribution, the exhibition "Pure Gold – Upcycling and its Emotional Touch", planned and designed by Volker Albus. Twenty-eight international designers show 30 objects that illustrate the re-evaluation and redefinition of trash through upcycling. This process creates new and aesthetically high-quality products with strong emotional resonance.

This ifa exhibition takes an innovative approach to social issues in the twenty-first century – sustainability, migration, conflict, civil responsibility, environmental pollution, water, and social justice. Trash is closely linked to cultural identities and social practices. It enables us to draw conclusions about individual, social, and sociological conditions.

The materials on which these products are based are part of our everyday urban lives. They thus generate a high potential for identification for both the designers and their users.

The exhibits – furniture, carpets, lamps, containers and decorative objects – are presented on the boxes that are also used to transport the exhibition.

Our Facilities
Our Crates
Our Every Days

56thStudio / Saran Yen Panya
Cheap Ass Elites – Love seat, 2015
Plastic basket with painted rubber wood
H 135 x W 120 x D 45 cm
Private Loan

Our Boards
Our Memories

David Amar
Raymond table, (2010) Unique edition from 2014
Aluminium cast legs, reclaimed wood
H 42 x L 120 x W 70 cm
Private Loan

Our Woods
Our Labour
Our Sweat

Marjan van Aubel & James Michael Shaw
The Well Proven Chair, 2012
Foamed wood (sawdust, organic resin), ash timber
H 75 x W 45 x D 45 cm
Private Loan

Our Antiquity
Our Museums
Our Respect

Roswitha Berger-Gentsch
#8 Biconical vessel, 2015
H 43.5 x B 41 cm
Waste cartons (Lidl, Aldi etc.), contact adhesive
Series of Antique Pots
Private Loan

Our Plastics
Our Cafés
Our Comfort

Estudio Campana. Fernando & Humberto Campana
Café Chair, 2006
Wicker, plastic chair
H 90 x L 80 x W 65 cm
Single-unit production
Private Loan
Courtesy of Estudio Campana

Our Deliveries
Our Homes

El Ultimo Grito
Tape chair – New Primitives series, 2016 (2006)
Cardboard, foam, camo tape
H 55 x W average 45 x D 48 cm
Private Loan

Our Plastics
Our Colors

Stuart Haygarth
Lighthouse (white) – Floor lamp, 2009
Plastic container tops collected on beaches
Base Ø 36 cm, H approx. 225 cm
Private Loan

Our Refrigerators
Our Coolness

Dirk Vander Kooij
Flow Open Rocking Chair, 2012
Recycled plastics
H 84 x W 41 x D 62 cm
Private Loan

Our Building Sites
Our Playgrounds

Micaella Pedros
Joining Bottles – Olympic Park Stool, 2016
PET plastic bottles, discarded plywood, discarded timbers from Olympic Park (London) building sites
H 43.5 x W 30 x D 30 cm
Stool no. 4
Private Loan

Our Cloth
Our Ancient Techniques

Zhang Han & Sui Hao & Li Hua
Melaleuca Chair No. 1, 2014
Cotton, starch glue, linen rope
H 51 x W 50.3 x D 30.5 cm
Private Loan

In addition to the exhibited works, the "Pure Gold" digital platform is shown on a screen, as an expansion of the classical exhibition format. Here, interviews with protagonists from the local scene are screened, as well as instructables, short, entertaining, and simple presentations of upcycling methods. The platform and the social networks together are intended to be a forum where interested people from all over the world can come together to exchange and gain experience.

Exhibition design: Volker Albus, Frankfurt am Main
Digital platform / video design: Axel Kufus, Berlin and Lapatsch / Unger, Berlin

Designers and Design Teams

56thStudio / Saran Yen Panya (Thailand)

Akademie der Bildenden Künste München / Studiengang Innenarchitektur (Professor Carmen Greutmann) (Germany)
Volker Albus (Germany)
David Amar (Great Britain)
Marjan van Aubel (Great Britain / Netherlands) & James Michael Shaw (Great Britain)

Bär + Knell (Germany)
Roswitha Berger-Gentsch (Germany)
Sandra Böhm (Germany)
breadedEscalope (Austria)

Estudio Campana. Fernando & Humberto Campana (Brazil)

Piet Hein Eek (Netherlands)
El Ultimo Grito (Great Britain)

Juli Foos (Finland)

Gompf + Kehrer (Germany)

Stuart Haygarth (Great Britain)

Laura Jungmann (Germany) & Cornelius Réer (Germany)
Tobias Juretzek (Germany)

Cordula Kehrer (Germany)
Khmissa (Morocco / Germany)
Dirk Vander Kooij (Netherlands)

Jakob Michael Landes (Germany)

Mieke Meijer (Netherlands)
Kathrin Morawietz (Germany)
Waltraud Münzhuber (Germany)

Micaella Pedros (Great Britain)

Peter Schäfer (Germany)

Philipp Weber (Germany)

Zhang Han & Sui Hao & Li Hua (China)

Logo der Ausstellung Pure Gold – Upcycling and its Emotional Touch

"Pure Gold - Upcycling and its Emotional Touch" at the London Design Biennale is being realised with the support of the Federal Foreign Office.